66 Weird Sounds That May Actually Make You Sleep Instantly

We are all different from each other, and that is why there are also many different ways to fall asleep.

Many different kinds of sounds can make you fall asleep instantly. Some sounds may calm you, and other sounds might make you crazy. In this post are collected the best 66 different sounds to help you fall asleep, so you will probably find one that works for you!

Choose a few of them and give them a try. You can use for example Amazon Alexa Echo to produce these sounds, or find suitable examples of sounds from YouTube or Spotify.

Nature sounds

1. Forest night

Forest at night might sound a bit scary, especially if you have never been in the forest in the night time. On the other hand, if you have actually slept in a tent in the woods, you probably like the forest soundscape. The sound of wind, wild animals of the forest and sometimes almost silence may calm you and give you a restful sleep.

2. Heavy Rain Sounds

A sound of rain may make you feel sleepy, but how about heavy rain? It can also help you to fall asleep, especially when you are inside, feeling comfortable and safe from the rain. On a rainy day, people like to sleep. It is a well-known custom that it is better to stay inside when it rains and just sleep. It may actually be quite natural to fall asleep when you hear rain falling onto the tin roof.

I tested this one, and it works! I really fell asleep instantly when I was listening to this sound.

3. Rain on a Tent

If you like to hike and sleep in a tent, you will probably feel comfy when you hear the sound of rain on the tent. It might make you feel secure when you are in the tent, and you can be sure that you can sleep peacefully without a need to worry about getting wet and cold.

4. Dripping Water

If you have ever lived in a home where you could hear the sounds of water dripping to the ground behind your window, this one might be for you. It may make someone crazy, but others might feel peaceful hearing the sound of dripping water, and getting a good night’s sleep might be closer than you thought.

5. Windy Trees

You can hear the sound of trees swishing when it is windy outside. Windy trees sound peaceful, and the volume of the sound keeps changing ever so slightly. Then, the constantly changing sound may help you to fall asleep and sleep all night peacefully.

6. Waves

Ocean waves are breaking on the beach and settling down peacefully. What could be a better combination? When you feel like you are lying on the beach, it is more natural to sleep – at least for some of us.

7. Babbling Brook

The sound of the babbling brook is quite steady and calming. This might be the right sound for you, if you want to focus the sound of nature. It is one of the best of nature sounds because it is indeed calming!

8. Waterfall

Water is an essential element. So hearing the steady sound of a waterfall might help you to fall asleep faster, and it might give you a peaceful mind and help you to feel relaxed.

9. Windy Meadow

The sound of blowing wind is very calming for some of us, because when you stay inside you can feel warm and be sure that it is safe to listen to the sounds of the wind. The sound of wind is also calming because it is natural.

10. Campfire

Hearing the real sound of fire might be good for you if you like camping. If you like this sound when you are sitting beside the warm campfire, you will like it when trying to fall asleep, too!

11. Distant Thunderstorm

Even though some of us may be scared of the thunderstorm, it makes some others very sleepy. This is yet again an example of natural sounds that you can listen to when you are inside your house and feel safe and comfortable.

12. Rainforest

In the rainforest, there are lots of different sounds of animals, trees, et cetera. It helps you to sleep because it is natural.

13. Monsoon

The monsoon is also undoubtedly pleasant when you can stay inside and just hear the powerful rain outside, feeling safe. Also, the sound of hard rain can make you want to sleep in the daytime if you want to take a nap.

14. Beach

On the beach, you can hear the sound of the ocean, but also the wind and maybe other sounds of the nature. If you have been on the beach sunbathing and have fallen asleep, the same sounds may work in your home too.

15. Garden

Garden is usually a very peaceful place. There are flowers and other beautiful plants. You might hear the sound of birds and wind blowing in the garden, so this combination may work well with you if you like a peaceful nature sounds.

16. Desert

In the desert, there are a lot of sounds that make you feel relaxed. Continuous sounds of crickets and all other insects in the desert might be very calming and sleep-inducing sounds for you.

The colors that make noise?

Yes, there are a few different colors with different noise. Different frequency spectrums are the difference between these colors. Here is the collection of different color spectrums of frequencies.

17. White noise

The white noise gets its name from the white light. Similar to the white light where each part of the spectrum is equally bright, all the frequencies in white noise have the same output level.

18. Pink noise

Pink noise contains all frequencies which are audible. Lowest rates are louder and the highest frequencies are more silent. Similarly to heartbeat rhythm, traffic flow, and quasar luminosity.

19. Brown noise (Red noise)

Brown noise can also be called Red noise or Brownian noise. With Brown noise when frequency gets higher, the power of sound drops down very fast. Brown noise mainly uses the lowest rates that you can hear, making a kind of a deep bellow noise.

20. Green noise

Green noise is at its most powerful around the 500Hz frequency. Otherwise, it is quite similar to the Pink noise. So besides that frequency, it contains all other audible frequencies.

21. Violet noise 

Violet noise’s output in reverse order to the Brown noise. Violet noise can help you with tinnitus, because the tones in higher pitch can cover the sound of your tinnitus very well. It’s worth a try!

22. Blue noise

Blue noise is similar to Pink noise, but the highest frequencies are highlighted, and the lower rates more subdued. Blue noise can also help with tinnitus, because those higher frequencies might mask the sound of your tinnitus.

23. Orange noise

With the orange noise, some of the frequencies are obviated.

24. Grey noise 

This one is generated with the highest and lowest frequencies, with the middle-level noises subdued.

25. Black noise

The meaning of Black noise differs from one source to another. It usually means noise cancellation or a total silence.


26. Birds

Birds singing is one way to feel restful and peaceful before planning to sleep. Different birds have different singing voices, and undoubtedly there is at least one that will make you fall asleep.

27. Cat

Besides your cat being a delightful creature, it can purr and meow in a calming manner. If you like cats or you have one, its sounds might calm you and make you sleepy.

28. Whales

Whales make an exciting sound. It is a low tone voice, and that is why it might feel especially peaceful. There are plenty of recordings out there, so that you can find the right one for you.

29. Frogs

The sound of frogs croaking during the night might also help you to fall asleep. The sound of croaking frogs is usually continuous and meditative, which will work well for lulling you to sleep.

30. Bees

Bees make a buzzing sound which usually is quite irritating. But if you like it, and want to hear it more, it might be the best sound for you to fall asleep instantly. It’s worth giving a try, at least!

31. Mosquito

Many of us can’t stand the sound of mosquitoes, especially when trying to fall asleep. However, some people can in fact sleep better when hearing mosquito sounds. Strange but true!

32. Cricket sounds

If you like walking in the park at the night time, you mihgt be used to the sound of crickets. This sound can also help you to calm down and feel sleepy.

Human sounds

33. Speech

When someone speaks with a low volume and soft tone, it may make you sleepy at some point. Have you ever noticed anyone falling asleep during a lecture? Peaceful, steady speech can indeed make you tired, especially when you listen to a recording made for that purpose.

34. Heartbeat sounds

Depending on the rate of the heartbeat, it may be either calming or stressing. A steady, slow heartbeat is probably the most calming sound when thinking of human sounds. We all have listened to our mother’s calming heartbeat in the womb, after all, so why shouldn’t that sound calm us even as adults?

35. Baby Crying

Usually, the sound of a baby crying will only wake you up, but for some people, it is a sound that makes them fall asleep. A steady, low-volume crying sound might, surprisingly, be calming. Especially when you know you don’t need to take care of a real baby!

36. Baby babbling

This one probably works for more people than the crying sound. If you feel that this one if for you, then you might want to get a recording of happy babbling sounds. You can also simply keep your baby nearby when sleeping, if the sound of a sleeping baby calms you down.

37. Your spouse snoring

Nothing is so relaxing than snoring, right….? For some, it actually is.


38. Techno

Techno music may be the right thing for you, if you love loud noises and intense beats. It might not work for most people, but you might get a good result, if you like this kind of music. Headphones are a must, unless you want your neighbors to enjoy the music too!

39. Mongolian throat singing

You will find success with this one, it is sure! Find the right recording for you, and these sounds will get you sleepy right away!

40. Lounge music

Lounge music is always made as relaxing as possible. So if you miss the relaxing beats, this one is for you.

41. Scientist-made sleeping music

Science has made good progress. This song is made with the purpose to make you fall asleep. But if it doesn’t work for you, come back here to find another sleepy sound!

42. Binaural Beats

How about this sleep-inducing sound, also backed by science? This one needs more explanation, you can hear and read about it from here.

43. Space music

Space sounds are so freaky that anyone could fall asleep. There is a lot of “space music” out there. If you want to feel like you’re floating in outer space, try soundtracks of space movies or something similar.


44. Train

The sound of an old-fashioned train is steady and peaceful. If you have traveled by train and you have fallen asleep, this might work for you.

45. Truck

Sounds you hear inside the truck, or the sound of trucks bypassing you, may help you to relax. This also works better if you are used to these sounds.

46. Airplane

If you have ever lived near an airport, you might have heard a lot of airplanes landing and taking off from the airport. If you liked those sounds, it might help you to fall asleep. However, for some people, these sound might be disturbing.

47. Airplane cabin sounds

Traveling in an airplane might be exciting, but trying to get a good sleep in the plane might sometimes be hard. However, if you can quickly fall asleep in the airplane, you might also fall asleep easier at home when listening to the sounds of the aircraft.

48. Motorcycle

If you have a motorcycle, you may be so crazy about its the loud sound when driving very fast. In that case, this familiar noise might make you sleepy and may help you to fall asleep quickly.


49. Silence

If you are lucky, you may have the chance to fall asleep in total silence. It might be hard to get a total silence in your bedroom, but you can do some preparations to make it happen.

50. Wind Chimes

When the weather is a bit windy, you may enjoy the sounds of wind chimes outside your window, which can produce beautiful and calming melodies.

51. Shower Sounds

Water falling in the shower is a steady and calming sound, so it might be just for you if you like these calming, sustained sounds.

52. Clock sounds

The sound of a ticking clock is annoying for some people, but if you feel like it’s a nice and familiar sound for you, you might want to try a ticking clock or a recording of that sound to help you to get sleepy.

53. Neighbors’ party

This one is something that most people don’t want to hear at all! But maybe it can help you to fall asleep, if you feel uneasy in silence and need more sounds around you to feel safe.


54. Coffee machine

People might wake up, rather than fall asleep, when they hear the sound of the coffee machine, because the sound reminds them of morning coffee. However, you can also fall asleep by the sound of the coffee machine if you have the gift. It’s better to try a recording than to make coffee in the evening, though!

55. Hair Dryer Sounds

The steady sound of humming is usually relaxing. Hair dryer produces a constant noise, and if you feel so, you may try to this sound to fall asleep. You can find a recording that works for you.

56. Clothes Dryer Sounds

Same here. Clothes dryer sound is also quite steady, and it can improve your sleeping quality.

57. Dishwasher Sounds

And here. The dishwasher also produces quite a steady and calming sound. You might want to try a recording, or take a nap while your dishwasher is working.

58. Fan Sounds

And especially here. When you set the fan on, it keeps the same sound all the time. For example, if you have a roof fan for the cooling purposes, you may get a double benefit keeping it on during the night, as both the sound and cool breeze will help you to sleep.

59. Oscillating Fan Sounds

How about this one? If you don’t get good results with the standard fan sounds, you might want to try sounds of oscillating fans. This sound is not as constant but changes a bit from time to time, which might work better for you.

60. Air condition

If you have an air conditioning machine at your home, turn it on and see if its sound can help you to fall asleep. You might need the device anyway when it is hot inside, so you can get the double benefit of a cool breeze and a relaxing sound.

61. Vacuum sounds

This one is a little bit louder (maybe), but it can help you fall asleep too. The sound of vacuum is also steady, and it helps you to sleep even in the daytime – for example, if your spouse is doing some cleaning at home.

62. Electricity

It is a funny, usually quite steady noise. The sound of electricity can help you to get sleepy if you like exciting sounds. Try to find a recording online.

Public places

63. Sounds of the city

The city is full of noises. Traffic, horns of the cars, music, people speaking or yelling. If you like to live in the city and don’t miss the silence at all, sounds of cite may help you to fall asleep much more naturally.

64. Sounds of countryside

In the countryside, there is usually more silence. However, there might be some sounds like a tractor on the field, birds singing, cows, horses and other animals making their noises. If you need quiet and natural voices, this one might be just for you.

65. Industrial

Industrial machines make a lot of different kinds of noises. It may be calming if you’re used to hearing those noises during the day and if you can’t stand the silence.

66. Bells

Church bells and other bells might calm you, if you don’t get irritated by bell sounds. However, keeping the sound level low might be a good idea if you want to listen to the sound of bells when you are planning to sleep.

Which sound is best?

Sometimes it might be hard to find which specific sound could help you to fall asleep. For me personally, almost any sound can help in the process of falling asleep. But usually, a flat, steady sound would make me fall asleep the most quickly.

Can Music or Sounds really help you sleep? Read more here: WebMD

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