I Can’t Fall Asleep Next to My Partner – SOLVED with 17 Tips!

Can't fall asleep next to partner

Sleeping next to your partner may be surprisingly hard for many different reasons. Maybe after you have slept by your own many years, starting sleep with your partner may be a strange situation. Also, if your partner has started snoring during the night, it can be very frustrating.

So how can you fall asleep next to your partner? The resolution may be different for each of us, but basically, the problem can be solved by focusing on accessories, such as a bigger bed, separate blankets or using by earplugs. Another option is to focus on rational reasons, such as sleeping schedule, facing potential fears and avoiding to “have too much fun” with your partner.

The situation when you start to sleep in the same bed together with someone else can be fascinating, but also it can bring a lot of unwanted problems too. The problems may be related to how your partner acts during the night. Movements, snoring and waking are just some issues that may arise.

So what can you do to sleep peacefully even if your partner acts annoying at night?

1. Discuss with Each Other

Chat with your partner related the problems that you have noticed to be disturbing during the night. You can together find the solution for the problem with pondering different options.

If your partner is really your loved one, he or she will surely want to accomplish the problem and find the ways to ensure a good night for both of you.

When you find the problem areas and do needed fixes, both of you can more likely sleep better every night and enjoy more of life.

2. Use Earplugs

Earplugs can give decent help in many different challenging situations. Anytime when there are any annoying sounds, earplugs can be the easiest solution.

So if your partner tends to keep some noise overnight, such as snoring, or you go bed and wake up different times using earplugs can help to reduce all unwanted noises.

If you don’t have earplugs, you may use in an emergency peach of tissue and roll them and set in your ear canal.

3. Separated Blankets

If you and your partner use the same blanket, and you notice that you or your partner will rip the blanket to another side in the night so that sleeping will disturb, it may be better to get separated blankets for both of you.

Pulling a blanket to another side usually happens unintentionally, and it may be tough to change that kind of habit since it happens when one is sleeping.

Therefore, you should invest blankets that you both can use so that pulling your common blanket won’t cause any disturb overnight.

4. Get a Bigger Bed

King size bed to sleep well

When two people to sleep in the same bed it may get surprising small over time. One reason may be just that you or your partner moves a lot during the night and space is too small for you two in the same bed.

Therefore, getting a bigger bed may be a solution to this problem. It may be costly to get a new big bed, but it may be an excellent investment for a very long time.

For instance, the California king size bed is quite big since its measurements are 84 inches (214 cm) x 72 inches (183 cm). It should usually be big enough for two people.

One option is to bring two smaller bed together. So, for instance, if you both had the same size single beds when you slept on your own, you could simply put them together side by side, and there is one big bed. Furthermore, since you both have already used to sleep on the same bed, it may be easier to continue sleep in the same bed, and the change won’t be so big.

5. Get a New Bigger Mattress

Sometimes it may better just to get a new mattress. If you and your partner can find a mattress that you both like then the solution is simple.

You may consider getting one new mattress, and if you are interested in getting more info about California king size mattresses, here you can read descriptions and costs of 19 different California king size mattresses.

However, for instance, if you would like to sleep on a softer surface and your partner on a harder surface, you may need separated single beds or mattresses to set find an ideal sleeping environment for both of you.

6. Regulate TemperatureThermostat - set ideal temperature for sleeping

It’s the fact that every one us are different, and we more likely prosper in a bit different temperature overnight. The problem may arise especially if another one of you like to sleep in an environment that is cooler and other in an environment that is warm as possible.

What to do?

There are many ways to solve this issue. One option is head heating or cooling to point who want it more.

Regulating temperature is also possible by changing the thickness of blankets or wearing less or more clothes to reach the ideal sleeping temperature.

Ideal bed room temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, 15.5 to 19.5 degrees Celsius.

7. Check Your Sleeping Schedules

It more likely rare that both of you go to bed at the same time and wake up the same time. More often there are at least a bit different schedules for everyone. The different sleeping schedule may interrupt your sleeping, so what to do?

One option is just to decide that you both sleep at the same time and wake up the same time. But if it is not possible, you may need to do some preparations. Like mentioned earlier, using earplugs may help in many situations, and in this kind of situation too.

Furthermore, using a sleep mask may be very useful since when your partner is awake when you would like to sleep there is more likely some light when someone is awake.

If you feel that you or your partner has difficulties in setting a proper sleeping schedule, you may read from here some tips related to fixing a sleeping schedule

8. Be Willing to Do Compromises

When it feels hard to find solutions sharing the bed you may need to be a bit flexible. It means that it could be good to meet somewhere middle to get a good night rest for both of you.

To make compromises may be related to almost any aspect of sleeping next to another. It may mean that you may need to flex whit the time when you sleep or what kind of surface you both sleep or some other things. However, it would be ideal to find a situation where you both can sleep peacefully overnight, so if you can make compromises, you may accomplish.

9. Solve Snoring Problem

If you find out that your partner snores so that you can’t sleep because of it; then it would be better to try to solve the snoring problem.

The benefit is then both for you. Snoring may be in some cases dangerous, so it is really crucial to find out what the reason for snoring is.

Sometimes it is best to see a doctor if snoring is too disturbing or it causes other issues. You can try some of these 103 different solutions to stop snoring permanently and see if any of them will help. If not, it is better to visit your doctor.

10. Honestly Think what the Real Problem Is

When you sleep next to other you may easily claim your partner for your sleeping problems, even if the real reason is something else. Therefore, go through honestly possible reasons and find a solution on this post, on this website or other reliable sources before you just claim that it is your partner who makes it impossible to sleep.

“In many cases, I see that it is the anticipation of not being able to sleep that is causing the problem rather than the reality of what a partner is doing. Mindfulness techniques can help here.”

Dr Guy Meadows, clinical director of The Sleep School

Sleeping problems may vary and of course when sleeping next to your partner problems may be different than in other situation would be. Therefore, finding a real reason is crucial if you are unable to fall asleep with your partner.

11. Be Patient

Especially when you first time starts to sleep next to someone; it may be tough or feel almost impossible. But if you let time pass and see if it will get easier after days or weeks, you more likely can sleep better at some point next to someone.

But if you notice that you don’t feel any progress related able to sleep next to someone, you probably need to take some further actions.

12. Make Sure That There is Enough Space to Get Out of Bed

Depending on which size of the bedroom you have you may need to place your double bed corner of the room. If so, it may cause some unwanted situations. If some of you need to get up overnight to the bathroom or another reason, it may disturb others if you need to climb over your partner to get out of bed.

Furthermore, if space, where you or your partner have to sleep, is cramped, for instance, you need to sleep between the wall and your partner, it may be scary and even more worst situation.

Therefore, if possible, place bed so that you both can easily get out of bed when needed.

Sometimes this may also mean that you both need to:

13. Move to an Another Apartment

If your apartment and especially the bedroom is too small for you two, the next solution would be to move to a bigger apartment.

It may be the best solution if you two really want to sleep next to others and your current sleeping space is too small.

In some cases, some want to move to enough big house where is many rooms, so that changing to other room is easier in case needed to get better sleep. It, of course, depends on do you have funds to move bigger house, but many people are willing to do such sacrifices.

14. Focus to the Benefits

When you’re able to solve all the problems related to sleeping with your partner, you may enjoy the benefits of sleeping with your partner.

The best benefit is that you are more likely more relaxed when falling asleep with your partner.

That said, there may still be some issues that make it hard to sleep next to your partner. Try to find a solution for such issues and remember still the benefits so you’ll have the motivation to resolve the sleeping problem.

15. Decide the Time for CuddlingCuddling in bed - can't sleep next to partner

It may be an important step to set a limit for cuddling if you really want to make sure that both of you will sleep peacefully.

Time passes fast when it is fun together, but you should decide to set limit especially if you know there is an early wake-up and some of you won’t so easily fall asleep.

16. Don’t Use Phone in Bed and Block All Other Disturbing Lights

Light from a smartphone or other lights may really disrupt your partners falling asleep process and yours too. Therefore, shut down all disturbing lights at least one hour before bed – yes, from one hour before who is going to sleep first.

Furthermore, using a mobile phone or watching TV just before bed affects negatively for your and others sleep since blue light from screens may keep you up an unnecessarily long time. Therefore, shutting down all electric devices is crucial.

However, if you have to use some device just before bed, get at least proper screen dimmer APP. I have done some research, so take a look at these descriptions and links to three different screen dimmer APPs.

All other disturbing lights should be shut down or block. They may be some light from chargers or even the blinking light on the fire alarm.

17. Just Don’t – At least for a while

If you both feel that there is no other option to accomplish the problem, you may just need to sleep separated places. It doesn’t mean that you need to do so permanently. Whenever you may find another better solution for the problem to sleep next to other, you may try it again.

One option is to sleep every weeknight separated positions, and when the weekend comes, you may sleep in the same bed. That way, you can more likely sleep better every night before you need to go work and on the weekend when you don’t need to awake early, you may practice sleeping to next to other.

That is how may maybe in a few weeks to find out could you two start to sleep in same bed permanently.

But how about:

If You Can’t Sleep When Your Partner is Sick?

In case your partner is sick, it may be an ideal practice to sleep different rooms if you feel so.

Especially, if your partner has a cough and coughing continues overnight it is more likely for both benefits to sleeping different spaces.

However, in such a case when someone is coughing all the time overnight, wearing earplugs may be very practical. Even if you are sleeping in a different room, the sound of caught may hear very well to other rooms too.

There is more likely another benefit too to sleep in a different room, your changes to avoid disease increases if you don’t sleep in the same room with one who is sick.




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