Earn Money While You Sleep: Learn the Most Sane Method!

Sleeping Peacefully while Earning MoneyThere are endless claims on how you can make money while you are sleeping. You can very easily find from the internet many success stories about how someone earns a lot of money after completing some simple steps.

But how can you really earn money while sleeping? Writing the most helpful content to the internet, related questions that people need to find answers is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money while you sleep. It also means that you need to really do high-quality work to be successful. There are undoubtedly other options, such as investing, but it isn’t the best method for everyone.

Yes, it is really possible to earn money while you are sleeping, but it is a fact that some people will not earn money as much as others will. But the real question actually is:

Is it easy to do?

Well, if you can write a lot of (high-quality) content, it might be quite easy task for you.

So it’s possible to earn money while sleeping, BUT don’t expect to become a millionaire and don’t expect it to happen quickly.

Probably the most effective method to earn money while you are sleeping is

writing a blog

or we can also say, building a website.

How can writing a blog can be profitable?

You can find the complete answer to this question taking part in this practical income course called Project 24.

It is a step by step training regarding to how you can build your website quickly, and in the end, how you can earn money with your website. The course instructors have done a lot of successful websites, and you will learn the best practices to establish and keep up your website.

But if you want first know how I do it (by some information that I have learned from Project 24 and other sources from the internet), keep on reading this post.

The Basic Idea of How You Can Earn Money While Sleeping

How many times have you searched something specific from the internet, but you can’t find the answer at all, or the answer is feeble? You probably have faced this situation at least a few times.

Therefore, if you guess right, there are plenty of questions without a good, solid answer on the internet that people are looking for an answer.

If you can write a good quality answer to some questions, you can get visitors to your blog, and when you have enough visitors, you can make money with your blog. Yes, even when you sleep.

So how can you exactly earn money with writing a blog?

Learn 11 Easy Steps to Earn Money While You Sleep Peacefully:

1. Choose a Topic for your website

First of all, choose an interesting topic for your website. It means that you have some narrow topic where you can easily write from a lot of good content.

For instance, if you like to play soccer, you may want to write about soccer.

But on the other hand, you may know that soccer is a very popular sports and a lot of information related to soccer is already on the internet.

No worries.

In that case, you may concern about reducing your topic. So you can think of some reduced topics such as “Soccer Tips for Teenagers” or “Soccer Tips for Beginners,” just for a couple of examples.

Another side of the coin is how many people really want to find information about such topics. Luckily some tools can help you with estimate interest on some topics, and now we are not talking about keyword research tools.

Google itself gives the best tool for searching for a good topic.

Why is it so?

With Google Search and other Google products (they are surely free to use!), you can estimate how much interesting there is for specific topics.

So when you are selecting a topic for your website, you could use first Google Trends to help you to estimate how popular some topic is.

For instance, you can compare some keywords like “soccer,” “football,” “teenagers,” “beginners,” and see what the volume for each keyword related to each other is.

Google Trends Search: soccer, football, teenagers, beginners

Google Trends won’t tell you any specific search volume numbers, but comparing different keywords, you can get the right idea which topic could be the right one to focus on.

When you put these keywords to Google Trends and compare them, you can see that some of these topics are not at all popular, and some are very common.

Two main questions arise when searching any topic are:

  • Can you write a lot of content about the topic?
  • Are there so many aspects and queries on such a topic that needs to get an answer?

After you have searched for a website topic, you can decide the best one, that you think you could easily write.

Why do we mention only Google here?

Well, there is a very simple reason for that: It’s just the most popular and effective search engine out there. Therefore, if many internet users use it, you can more likely get much more traffic from using Google, and it can help you much more effectively to do research related queries that people are looking for.

You may use the same principles with other search engines too, but it may be that advised this post won’t give such good solutions with other search engines than with Google will provide.

2. Choose a Domain name for Your Website

After you know which topic you can write from, you should choose a domain name for your website.

If you are interested to know more about domain names, take a look at this guide about the history of domain names.

How to do that?

Simply go to some website that is selling domains and starts to type any words related to the topic that you selected for your website.

You can easily find domains, for instance, from these websites:




So, for example, if you selected a website topic “soccer tips for beginners,” you could try to search if domain name “soccertipsforbeginners.com” or “beginnersoccertips.com” are available.

And they are! (at least at the time when I am writing this blog post).

However, the shorter domain name could be better if you can find one.

So let’s try:


Domain Search Godaddy.com

and yes, that one is available too!

Anyway, if you can find an even shorter domain name, it can be better, but it is not necessarily. Nowadays, many domains are already selected and in use. So don’t use too much time for searching the ideal domain, since it may be hard to find a shorter domain name.

3. Set Up Hosting

An excellent hosting service is an essential part of keeping up a website online. I recommend you to use Bluehost (this is an affiliate link – I get a commission if you decide to buy hosting by this link from Bluehost). Bluehost has a stable and reliable hosting service, and it’s easy to set up. Take a look at their hosting plans, and you can find today’s price.

Once you got the ideal website topic where you want to write from and have got the domain name and set website hosting, you should plan which kind of blog posts you could write.

Again, Google can help you with this step too, for free:

4. Search Topics for Your Post Hitlist

After you have found the topic for your website, you can search for optional topics for blog posts. Using Google Search, you can easily find blog post topics where to write from.

But how to do that?

Start with creating a hitlist so that you have a list of topics where you can write from.

Making a hitlist is a crucial step because you need to select topics that will be enjoyable from the internet users’ point of view, and that can get enough traffic to your website.

Furthermore, there is excellent benefit creating a hit list: once you got a list of topics, you can just start writing, and you don’t need to think every day too much, which topics could be ideal for writing from.

So how to create effectively hit list?

Simply start typing words related to your topic to Google search. So, for instance, write:

“soccer tips” and hit “space” bar.

Google Search: soccer tips

Now you can see that Google will autocomplete your query. So you’ll get some suggestions, such as

“soccer tips today”, “soccer tips predictions”, “soccer tips 7”, “”soccer tips and tricks”, “soccer tips tomorrow”, “soccer tips 1×2”, “soccer tips for beginners”, “soccer tips UK”, “soccer tips tonight”, “soccer tips weekend”.

So you notice that these suggestions are clearly based on what people are really searching from the internet, and especially in this case what they are searching from Google, not necessarily from other search engines. With some other search engines, suggestions are usually a bit different.

You may also notice that most of these suggestions are related to soccer betting, and only one or two are related actually playing the game of soccer.

One of the autocomplete suggestions is “soccer tips for beginners.” We can assume that this query is related to the real playing of soccer.

So that is one theme that you may consider to write about.

To continue, again, start typing any word related to your main topic.

For instance, if you choose to write from soccer and you selected the topic “Soccer coaching tips,” you can type to Google “soccer coaching” and see what autocomplete successions you will get.

One of the successions is “soccer coaching tips for 5 year olds,” and if you search on that term, you can see that the results show some articles and videos related to the query. It means that there is some competition on such a topic.

And when there is too much competition, it may not be a good place to start. (You can learn more about the competition from next step).

So let’s continue:

“elderly soccer”


“walking soccer”

How about that one?

It may be a good topic to write from.

Another way to find suggested search queries is to start typing “soccer tips” and type “a” and see what google suggests. Similarly, you can continue with “b”, “c”, “d”, and so on.

Anyway, the goal should be to write many different kinds of blog posts on your site “topic.” For getting ideas for the topics, all can be found on using Google search.

Other sources that you may use are Quora.com and Answerthepublic.com. The goal for first is to find some topics that have not answered on the internet, or the answer is not good enough.

So, for example, “soccer coaching tips for 5 year olds” may be quite a good topic to write from since it may have a significant amount of queries.

5. Do Competition Analysis

What does a competition analysis mean?

Once you have found some topics to write from, you should estimate the competition around such a topic. So simply write the autocomplete search query that you have found to Google search again and hit “Enter”. Then start to look at the search results.

Do posts on Google search results really answer the query?

How long is the answer in the post?

Which website is it?

If the top results are very clearly answering to the query and posts are long enough, over 1,000 words, you may not want to write such a post since there is already a good answer to the query, and to beat another post on search results is much harder. At least when you are founding a new website, this is very important to understand.

So when you search, for example:

Google Search: soccer coaching

“soccer coaching techniques for beginners”

You may see straight away that this query has quite well covered on some of the search results. C However, those articles are not very long, and those websites may not be very authority sites.

So whenever you want to estimate the competition, you should always look at what search results Google is giving you at the moment and do an analysis.

If there are at least half of the results on the first result page that answer to the query ultimately, you may not want to write about the topic since the answer is already there. But if you see that there are no many good answers or not at all, you may want to write the article right away.

In some cases, it may be better not to write the article even if there would not be any competition. It would be better not to write the article if you feel that the query is so rare that anyone or a minimal amount of people would search it at all.

6. Re-write the Post Headline

Once you have found a great topic to write a post from, you should make the post headline clickable.

What does that mean?

If your post topic is just, for instance;

“soccer coaching techniques for beginners”

It is undoubtedly a good topic, but what does it really tell about the post? It is quite a broad topic, and it doesn’t speak too much about exactly why anyone should click the link, and what kind of tips you are offering.

But if your topic is;

“29 Soccer Coaching Tips for Beginners – An Illustrated Guide”

the title gives much more information, and it encourages you to click it.

Why is it so?

First of all, the number “29” tells that you have a well-outlined post so that it may be easier to read, and the reader can quickly find the main points on the post.

Also, the topic tells that the post has tips “for Beginners,” so anyone who is a beginner or ponders to start soccer coaching, know that this post is just for them, and surely want to read the post.

Last but surely not least, the topic says that the post has “An Illustrated Guide”. Anyone who is searching for anything related to the query more likely would want to read the post, which includes an illustrated guide that may tremendously help him benefit about the topic.

Another option is to give some more information on the topic of the post.

For instance,

“Soccer Coaching for Beginners: Skills needed, Degree and Salary”

This kind of version of the topic tells a bit more specific things that your post has in it. These are found out from Google search too. When you have typed search “Soccer Coaching for Beginners” you can probably find a section “People also ask” somewhere middle of the search results. And there will be more whenever you click any of these questions.

Just pick up the most relevant questions from there, and you can write about them in your post, and then you can add these things to the topic, too, such as in the sample above.

So whenever you are writing your post topic, think a moment how it could be most understandable, clear, and “clickable” for internet users who are searching for information such a topic.

It is quite vital to have a perfect headline so that people who are looking for specific information can see quickly which website can give the best answer to their query.

One critical aspect related to the headline of the blog post is that it should always be no more than 60 characters long.

Why is that?

If you look at any of the search results on Google, you may notice that Google, and usually all other search engines too, show only 60 characters from the headline on the search result page. So any character after 60th character will not be shown on the search result page, and people who search on Google won’t see 61th character.

Therefore, If your topic would be more than 60 characters long, it may lower the user experience, and a crucial part of the topic could be hidden if you won’t count the characters on topic.

The easiest way to count character on the headline would probably be to copy/paste the topic to text editor who has word count feature or uses a word count website, such as wordcounter.com.

7. Write the Post

Whenever you write a post about any topic, you should write about what you have promised in the post topic. So if your post topic is a question such as

“how to become a college soccer coach”

you should really write an answer to that question and not just write widely about how to become a soccer coach. You need to tell what steps people need to take “to become a college soccer coach” and answer the question as clearly as possible.

So how to write?

If there is a simple question, just like “how to become a college soccer coach,” you should write an exact and short answer to the query very beginning in the post.

For instance, to that query answer could be something like this:

“If I were in your shoes, then I would start with Google – Search “Soccer coach job in college/universities.”

If you want it to be your career, then I would call and/or apply at college or universities of my choice and move closer to that college. Regardless of whether the college has an opening or not, I would go to soccer practices and befriend the coach and players. I’d ask the coach to be his or her assistant.”


For first, you should very shortly tell what actions the reader should take to become a college soccer coach. Then you can continue writing your post and expand your answer to the query.

Whenever you feel that you don’t know what to write next, you could consider what could be the next question what the reader wants to know. For instance, after answering the question of what steps anyone needs to take to become a college soccer coach, you could answer for a question:

“Which Colleges Need Soccer Coaches?”


“How Much College Soccer Coaches Make Money?”


“What Is the Difference Between Regular Soccer Coach and College Soccer Coach?”

Which type of writing should be?

You may think about what kind of writing you would want to read, and which type of writing is relevant to such a topic. Usually, it may be best just to write the most natural way so that it is easy for you and use simple language as possible.

Another thing you want to make sure is that your post really answers the query on the topic and also the questions on the subtopics. Answers should be as clear as possible, but other writing may be a bit freer.

The length of the post should always be at least 1,000 words, for maximum, maybe around 5,000 words. When you are estimating word count related to what kind of other websites are providing about the query, you may want to increase the word count always if there are some other useful articles around the topic out there.

It’s a bit tricky to estimate what could be the right word count for each blog post, but you can find some ideas from Neil Patel’s post.

8. Continue Writing More Posts

After you have finished the first post, you should keep on publishing more posts on your website.

How many posts do you need to have to make money while you sleep?

Well, it depends on multiple factors, such as which is your website topic and how well your posts are written and what other content your website has.

But basically, it is good to continue writing until there are some precise results. It may mean that you need to write several dozens of blog posts until you can make money.

One aspect to know is that especially Google search ranks most of the posts quite slowly. It may take around one year or even more for some posts on a new website to start to rank on the first page of Google search so that they will bring a good amount of traffic.

Therefore, you need to be patient!

However, it could be good practice to continue writing blog posts all the time when you are waiting for the results on rankings.

9. Promote Your Blog Posts

Promoting your website may help at least partly to increase traffic more quickly.

So far, we have been talking about how to write your blog posts so that search engines will, through that way, people will find them and reach your website.

But there are also some good practices to increase traffic from other sources too.

Which sources are best for this purpose?

Many people think that promoting your website in Facebook would be useful. It is possible. But for many topics, there may be even better ways.

The most effective source may actually be Pinterest.com. Also, with some topics, other web platforms, such as Reddit.com, may work very well too.

You can find many guides on how to use these platforms to promote your website from the internet.

10. Monetize Your Website

Now we get to the point where you can start to make money. Actually, yes, after you have accomplished this step, you can start making money while you are sleeping.

But how?

The good news is that there are multiple different options to monetize your website.

The most common options are advertisements and many different affiliate programs.

Everyone has seen advertisements on the internet, and many or most of the websites have some ads.

You may hear about Google Adsense. It is probably the most common low-traffic advertisement network. You can start with Adsense in the early stage and begin to earn money with your website easily.

After your website traffic increases, say over 10,000 page views per month, I highly recommend you to change Ezoic ad network (affiliate link).

With Ezoic, which this website is currently partner, you have significant opportunities to earn more money and get pro ads service.

Also, especially some websites or blogs that have focused on some specific topics have monetized with an affiliate program.

But which of these monetization methods should you select to monetize your website?

For instance, when wondering which kind of monetization method would work with the soccer topic, you may find some affiliate programs to participate in. These affiliate programs may provide you a decent salary when you promote some products on your website.

This website is currently participial with eBay Partners, which is an excellent option. Similarly, Amazon Affiliates is much likely the right choice, and probably the most common one.

11. Take a Professional Course to Make Sure Your Website Will Success

While this all is possible to do quite easily, it will take some time before you can really start to earn some money – while you are sleeping.

Here is just a short explanation of what is probably the easiest way to earn money while you sleep.

Do you want to learn how you can see real success with accomplishing all these steps?

If so, I highly recommend you take a look specific school to earn money by writing a blog.

The best resource to get proper advice on these steps and much more accurate guidance on the best practices you can found on


Take a look at that course, and you will find a lot of interesting and inspirational instructions related to earning money online.

Why do I recommend this course?

Simply, because it really works if you follow all the guidance closely on the course, and you apply what you have learned with your website.

Those guys have done multiple successful websites, and they know how to avoid rookie mistakes what many bloggers do. Further, they follow up with closely SEO trends so that you can get the most updated advice related to blogging and how to succeed with your blog.

After joining Project24, you can join a community where you will get useful tips and opinions for your website and how to improve it.

So start today, and you can see results once you have done enough work with the program!

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