Why Does Motorized Rocking Bed Help You Sleep? Study Reveal!

motorized rocking bed

If you have insomnia or you are facing any other sleeping problems, you surely want to find the best solution for the problem. Have you ever thought about sleeping on any other kind of bed where you usually sleep? How about sleeping in a motorized rocking bed for adults?

You may know how much it helps a baby to fall asleep when the baby is in a rocking bed and the bed swings. Just for the same reason, adults can fall asleep easier if they sleep in a rocking bed. You should get the motorized rocking bed because it can tremendously help improve quality of your sleep.

But, how do we know this is true?

How Does the Motorized Rocking Bed Help You to Sleep?

You know how easily babies fall asleep when they receive the rocking movement. How about, have you ever noticed how easily you may fall asleep in a boat or ship?

You may think, is it possible to fall asleep by the effect of rocking movement when you are an adult?

It is kind of rare to sleep in the rocking bed. Why is that? Mostly because there haven’t been so many good solutions for this kind of bed earlier.

On the other hand, there is not so much information about rocking beds. Have you ever noticed any advertisement somewhere for a rocking bed for adults? It’s kind of rare, indeed.

There are certainly all different kinds of swings and rocking chairs for babies to use. And everyone knows very well how easy (in most cases) it is to help baby fall asleep with a rocking motion.

Yet one more reason why there are not so many rocking beds in use might be their price, at least in earlier days. And certainly, there haven’t been many commercial rocking beds to be bought.

Luckily nowadays, there are some options, and not too expensive ones. Actually, some people at their own initiative have made a rocking bed using the “do-it-yourself” method.

There are some studies that have shown that swaying and rocking, back-and-forth motion can have a significant effect on your sleep.

When you were a child, you fell asleep because of rocking motion. Why won’t it work nowadays too?

There are some manufacturers who produce rocking beds. But, let’s find out first how does it work?

How Do the Motorized Rocking Beds Work?

The rocking bed is the motorized device where your mattress sits on. The rocking bed was designed for the motion which is very gentle and calming. Just like your mother’s arms were.

Usually, the best rocking beds are powered by a very quiet motor that can provide smooth back-and-forth motion.

Is there any scientific proof for the benefits to this kind of rocking bed?

Yes, there are some studies made about the rocking bed method. For example, in the year 2011, there was a study published called “Rocking synchronizes brain waves during a short nap“.

What was the conclusion of this study?

In this study, it was noticed that lying on the rocking bed which was slowly rocking, increased duration of sleep on the stage of N2.

Mainly this study proved that “rocking can soothe our sleep”.

Therefore one great model of rocking bed was built. Actually, it is called “Rocking Bed”. If you are interested, you may find more information about this product from RockingBed.com.

This particular rocking bed is manufactured by an ultra-quiet motor, German engineered and it keeps on a very smooth motion during the whole night.

These rocking beds are designed to work with customer’s existing mattress and frame.

Do-It-Yourself Motorized Rocking Bed Solutions

If you have heard anything about rocking beds for adults before, you probably have seen some self-made rocking beds. There are also many do-it-yourself guys who do rocking or hanging beds for outdoor or indoor use.

Where to get instructions to build your own rocking bed? Well, the internet is a good place to start looking. For example, you can find good instructions and tips to build a rocking bed from YouTube video:

If you are interested in starting to build your own rocking bed, it will definitely be a great adventure and when you finally sleep on it you can be happy and relaxed for your hard work. What could better than do your own bed just like you want – nothing, right?

Can the Motorized Rocking Bed Help You With Sleep Disorders?

Like said, the rocking bed can help you to fall asleep easier and help you to keep on deep sleep during the night.

Also, the rocking bed may help you to stay on sleep while whole night. Common problem is that some of us may wake up during the night and it might be hard to fall asleep again.

To get good quality sleep during the whole night can effect in a positive way your mental and physical condition. Therefore, because sleeping on rocking bed many people don’t need to use expensive sleep medicines or try to found other hard-way solutions for the sleeping problems.

These problems might be, for example, lack of sleeping, a longer period of time or even short period of time, may cause many harmful side effects. Like, mistakes while driving a car, unmotivated mind, other bad feelings and headache. The rocking bed for adults can help with all these kind of problems.

Any Cons With the Motorized Rocking Bed?

Basically no. The only thing that might for the first disturb you is the motion. Even if you feel very comfortable with the bed, it might take some time to get used to it.

Also, if you are traveling and you want to get same smooth rocking motion which helps you to fall asleep, you probably would need to take your own rocking bed with you. There is no probably yet so many places where you can sleep on the rocking bed while traveling.

Is It for You?

Well, it may easy to found out. Have you ever traveled by boat or ship over the night?  If so, did you felt bad to sleep in moving ship or rather did you noticed that it helped you fall asleep? Or have you noticed that swings or hammocks make you somehow queasy?

If you felt that you may fall asleep easier on the boat, you may need the rocking bed to your own house. It is defined as easy as it is in the boat to fall asleep with the rocking bed.

Also, to buy rocking bed is quite expensive. But it might be forth of it. Actually, many other luxury beds cost a lot of money, so why not invest in the best solution just once?

Other Solutions?

Like for me, you may also feel that it might be a little bit hard to concern to bough anything expensive or start to do yourself any kind of rocking bed. Is there any easier solution?

If you like the idea of rocking on the bed you may consider getting a swinging bed. The problem with that is there is no continuing movement like with the motorized has. But, if you like to sleep outside with hanging bed, there might be some random wind which can move your bed. So, this is just about randomly option.

One option is just sleep in the boat if you have one. But with the boat there is also the same problem, you can’t know how much movement there will be in the night.

So, actually, the best solution may be to bought rocking bed or to do it yourself. It will surely help to improve your sleep and that way you can feel healthy and fresh every day.

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