Dark circles under eyes

Does Sleep Remove Dark Circles? – Check Effective Treatments

Dark circles under eyes are not so wanted friends. They are also often named, for example, as an eye rings, raccoon eyes or sometimes as panda eyes. This problem is universal, for both women and men. But can sleep really help you to remove those dark circles?

Sleep is meant to repair your body systems. Therefore, to keep dark circles away, you might need to sleep more than you usually do. Sleep may remove dark circles under your eyes, but mostly the reason for the dark circles may be genetic, but also, lifestyle-related issue.

It would be best to prevent dark circles in the first place, but it would be good to find the real reason for this problem. Is it because lack of sleep or is there some other reasons which may cause dark circles?

What different factors may cause dark circles?

There are basically two kinds of dark circles:

Brown and Blue

Do you have brown dark circles?

In case dark circles are with brown color and which are permanent you can find the reason more like from hereditary. Therefore, if your parents, both or even another, have (brown) dark circles under the eyes, the reason might be that why you also have.

Unfortunately, hereditary dark circles are impossible to remove with sleeping or even any other treatment. The only option may be to use makeup or to go to surgery, which you can read later more.

How about if your dark circles are blue?

In that case, the simple reason is just that blood is pooling under your eyes. These blue, dark circles are more likely visible in the morning time.

Especially, if you notice that the dark circles come and go depending amount of the sleep, and they are bluish and small, it is about dark circles which are possible to be controlled by sleep and lifestyle changes.

If you usually stay up too late, it may cause (blue) dark circles. Therefore, lack of sleep really can cause some part of this issue.

When the blood circulation is bad, it may cause dark circles too. Deoxygenated blood, which is darker, flows through your veins. Mainly, people who have thin skin can more notable have these kinds of dark circles. Under your eyes, the dark blood is most visible, so the dark blood appearances much more likely under your eyes.

When you sleep, your veins expand when they need to hold the extra blood, because of fluids are accrued under your eyes. That is why these kind of dark circles are more visible in the morning, and more often they make you look more tired.

Does sleeping on your stomach cause dark circles?

If you sleep on your stomach with face down, it may cause dark circles, because gravity makes fluid build-up under your eye. For the same reason sleeping on your stomach may also cause eye puffiness, if fluid around in your eye won’t move enough, because it is constricted on that area.

Does sleeping on your side cause dark circles?

If you usually sleep on your side, it can be that you will found out that the same side you sleep, the area under your eye may be dark. The reason, in this case, is also because gravity makes fluids to go under that eye.

Trying to sleep on the back would be an ideal solution, then fluids won’t gather under your eyes.

Does sleeping too much cause dark circles?

Possibly. Sleeping too much may in some cases more likely cause dark circles than a lack of sleep. If you are lying in bed for a very long time, all the fluid in your body may easily flow to your face. Especially, fluid accumulates under your eye where usually loose skin is. The veins under below your eyes will also widen causing even more dark circles.

But if you don’t stay in the laying position too long, gravity pulls those fluids in your body down to stomach and legs.

Does sleeping with lights on cause dark circles?

No. However, sleeping with lights on may disturb your sleep and if your sleep is interrupted, it may cause some lack of sleep. That is why you should consider sleeping lights off if it is possible for you.

Other than sleep a related-reason that causes dark circles 

Lifestyle is often the most common reason for dark circles under the eyes. Not only lack of sleep, but also smoking, too much alcohol or even eating the wrong kind of food may cause the dark circles.

If you spend too much time in the sun, it may damage your skin, also under your eyes.

Allergies may cause dark circles too. Especially, if your eyes itches and you rub them, it may get even more worst.

A stuffy nose may cause dark circles. How is that? When you have nasal congestion, it makes blood vessels between eyes and nose swell, which darkens the area under your eyes.

If you are pregnant, don’t be surprised if you have dark circles under your eyes. It is because hormonal changes dilate the blood vessels under the eye and then darkens your skin.

Any hormonal changes can be caused by smoking or poor diet too.

You have to remember that aging undoubtedly also affects your eyes, making dark circles even more notable.

But back to the original question:

Does sleep remove dark circles?

In some cases, sleep might remove dark circles, but usually not entirely. If your dark circles are blue, and you can sleep more, it may help. But also, if you sleep too long, it can make things even worst, as explained earlier.

How does sleep help you to get rid of dark circles?

Depending on the reason what is causing dark circles, sleep may help remove dark circles under your eyes. Sleep helps your body and cells recover, so apparently, sleep will do good for you, and the right amount of sleep at least won’t increase dark circles.

But like said, if dark circles are more like a genetic issue in your case, sleep probably won’t remove dark circles under your eyes.

Anyway, it would be better to sleep enough,

so that the problem does not get worse.

That is because the combination of genetical dark circles and lack of sleep dark circles could be even more worst situation.

If the reason is related to too little amount of the sleep, you should do some changes in your schedule that you can sleep more. Therefore, when you can get a right amount of sleep, you have a better chance to keep an area under your eyes less dark.

Does sleeping earlier reduce eye bags?

It is possible. It is always highly recommended to go to sleep early. If you want to make sure that you won’t get any unwanted eye bags, it is better to go to sleep early.

Basically, you could think that to sleep as much as possible would help. But it would not be practical and not even healthy to sleep a lot. However, going to sleep early is a good habit.

At what time you should go to sleep?

The best sleep is usually before midnight if it is possible for you. Therefore, try to go to sleep as early as possible. If you feel that going to sleep earlier is hard for you, you may decide to change your sleeping schedule step by step.

You will notice the difference if you try to sleep earlier, for example, one week:

You may take pictures of your eyes before you start to sleep earlier and after one week test period. That is how you can notice the difference, and you can see will sleeping earlier help prevent the dark circles.

How much sleep do you need to remove dark circles?

It depends on each of us individually how much sleep is enough to remove or reduce dark circles. It is said that the average amount of sleep is around eight hours. But is it the right amount for you? You might need more sleep if you feel after eight hours of sleep that you are exhausted. Then, sleeping more can help you to get rid of dark circles. Also, taking a daily nap may help you remove dark circles.

However, if you are not sure what amount of sleep you need every day, you can do a test:

When you have a vacation (at least one week), you can count your sleeping time. Just sleep without an alarm clock. After a couple of first night, you can calculate how many hours did you sleep every night. That is the average amount of sleep what you need if you have slept without any interrupts.

What specific actions you can do to avoid dark circles?

How can you avoid to get dark circles under your eyes in the first place?

To help your skin recover, sleep is one of the most effective things that really can help. But like said, you can’t prevent hereditary dark circles.

In the daytime, your skin gets affects from multiple sources. For example, sun damage or oxidation as well. At night your skin is in repair mode, producing new skin cells, and also cycling nutrients and oxygen.

At night cell regeneration happens about eight times faster. Then, lack of sleep causes dark circle, because cells don’t have time to renew enough.

You can take some actions to make them less visible:

  • Sleep your head up so that fluids won’t stay and gather on your face. Keep your pillow a bit higher or get an extra pillow to avoid
  • You may try to store a spoon in the fridge and place the cold spoon under your eye for some time.
  • If you have any problem to fall asleep, you may, at least about one hour before you are going to go to sleep, shut down electric devices and drink warm milk.
  • Using eye cream may help. Use cream over the night to prevent dark circles and puffy eyes.
  • Makeup. You can hide dark circles with makeup if any other tip doesn’t help you. Using some creams and ointments can help somehow.
  • If you are side sleeper, you may try to sleep on your back to prevent dark circles. It may be hard for first, but you may succeed if you get right kind of pillow under your knees.

How to remove dark circles naturally?

If you notice that even sleeping enough won’t help to get rid of dark circles, what you can do?

  • Avoid salt. Salt contains water retention in your body. And it affects the area around your eyes. Lower the amount of salt minimum to help reduce dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. Avoid foods which includes much sodium, in any form, like chips or any other processed food.
  • Avoid caffeine drinks and keep it dark to help you to fall asleep.
  • Drink a lot of water. Water is always good for your health, and it keeps fluids on the move.
  • If you have a habit to smoke, stop smoking permanently. Keeping pause or reducing won’t be enough. You have to quit smoking entirely to prevent dark circles under your eyes.
  • It is really crucial to have enough amount of good sleep, even in the daytime. If you take naps at least once a day, it could help you to prevent these problems with dark circles.

Good sleep with a facial mask may help so that you can find help in these natural ways too:

Raw Potato Slices

  1. Using refrigerator chill a potato
  2. Cut potato for towing thin slices off the potato
  3. Clean skin under your eyes
  4. Put slices on your eyes so that they will cover dark circles
  5. Keep slices on at least 20 minutes (If you want, you can keep them overnight)
  6. Repeat three times a week

Potato and Tomato

  1. Peel a potato
  2. Chop a tomato
  3. Use a blender to mix potato and tomato, so it is  smooth
  4. Clean skin under your eyes
  5. Apply mixture by using a cotton ball
  6. Repeat daily

Source: homeremediesforlife.com

Cucumber Juice

  1. Make cucumber juice by putting two cucumbers in a blender
  2. Go to bed and lie down on your back
  3. Dip cotton pads in the juice place the cotton pads on your eyes
  4.  Keep them on your eyes for five minutes and change pads for new cucumber juice cotton pads.
  5. Repeat this four times ending after 20 minutes
  6. Repeat daily

Source: homeremediesforall.com

Mint Leaves and Rose Water

  1. Mix two tablespoons of rose water and mint leaves
  2. Refrigerate the rose water, and mint leaves mixture overnight
  3. Strain the juice
  4. Using two cotton pads soaked in the mixture
  5. Place over the eyes
  6. Keep on eyes for 15 minutes
  7. Using cold water, rinse and dry

Source: topnaturalremedies.net


  1. Boil an apple for 10 minutes, so it is soft
  2. Cut the peel from the apple and store it
  3. Put the peels under your eyes and keep 10 minutes
  4. Do this twice daily

source: mysimpleremedies.com

Almond Oil

  1. Wash your face and dry properly
  2. Pour a few drops of almond oil onto your fingers
  3. Place oil under your eyes and gently massage
  4. Leave the oil on overnight
  5. Repeat every night for six week

Source: goodhealthacademy.com

How can you get off the dark circles by a surgery?

There is also possible to go surgery to remove dark circles under your eyes. Eyelid surgery is one viable option to get rid of dark circles.

What happens that kind of surgery?

There are two different type of surgery: One kind of surgery removes fat from inside the eyelid. In the second kind of option, surgery removes the grease and also the skin that is left.

Is it reasonable to go surgery, is it worth of it?

It depends. The surgery may remove the problem for a long time, but if you don’t make any lifestyle changes, the problem may remain quickly.

Like all surgeries, there are many risks involved. So you have to think very carefully before you decide to go to surgery.

However, eyelid surgery is probably the most effective treatment for dark circles because of benefits may be long-lasting.

Source: consumerhealthdigest.com

The best sleep mask for dark circles and puffy eyes?

Dark circles may also be related puffy eyes or eye bags. Therefore, you don’t want those under your eyes too. To get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes it may help to use a proper sleep mask. You can check these sleep masks and select which one is best for you.

Resources: unexpress.com eliteserumrx.com