The Relaxing Benefits of Sleeping With a Gel Eye Mask

sleep mask with the gel inserts

A sleep mask is very beneficial if you need to avoid all the light when you sleep. Furthermore, a gel eye mask can give you even more benefits than a regular mask when you are sleeping. How can the gel eye mask help you, if you keep it on your eyes during the sleep?

The gel eye mask will relax you, and it can relieve your headache or other pain that you may have. Also, it helps you to fall asleep because it is relaxing, and because it is blocking the disturbing lights around you.

A gel eye mask can help you to improve your sleeping, and the relaxing feeling might give you a peaceful mind if you are struggling with any troubles in your mind. The gel eye mask includes some therapy functions, which are good for your eyes, and of course, it will help you to get a good sleep.

A gel eye mask with hot or warm gel is also practical when you want to get a relaxing nap during the day, or when you are traveling for a long distance. You can feel very comfortable and relaxed, regardless of where you are. That’s why you might want to get one, if you ever face any sleeping problems. It might also be a good idea to get a gel mask, if you feel any tension that could be caused by stress.

When you want to make sure that you can feel sleepy and relaxed, it is a good idea to use the gel eye mask.

What Specific Benefits Does a Gel Eye Mask Have?

The gel eye mask with hot or cold gel therapy function can affect and help you in many ways. If you often have dry eyes, this therapy mask can help your eyes to keep proper moisture. Especially with the hot gel therapy, this is true. A hot gel therapy mask can help restore the natural moisture of your eyes.

Also, if you have dark circles around your eyes, you can notice that the gel eye mask with therapy function can help eliminate such dark circles. And if you have swollen eyes, this therapy function is just for you!

Furthermore, the gel eye mask can help you if you have a headache, migraine, insomnia or it can even relieve fatigue.

Also, the gel eye mask helps you to keep your mind clear of any disturbing thing, even if you don’t sleep. There are so many things which may demand your attention, such as TV or your mobile phone, or even if you are looking out from a window, you might notice some things that increase your stress level.

However, a gel eye mask with cold or warm compress can help you direct your thoughts away from any distraction that you can see.

But how do these hot and cold gel therapy masks feel?

Hot Gel Therapy

What will happen when you choose a hot gel therapy mask?

When you use hot gel therapy, you will soon realize how your muscles are relaxing. Your eyes are naturally lubricated because the warm gel helps your tear glands work better.

Many studies confirm that a warm compress on your eyes will help relieve the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Using a hot gel therapy mask for this purpose is a safe and usually very effective way to reduce any problems related to dry eyes.

When using a hot gel therapy mask, your eyes will feel relaxed, and when sleeping with this therapy sleeping mask on, you can wake up surprisingly refreshed.

Cold Gel Therapy

What benefit can you get from using a cold gel therapy mask?

Your blood vessels will constrict, improving your circulation.

The cold gel mask will also help to eliminate dark circles under your eye and can refresh you and your eyes.

Wearing a cold therapy mask often relieves all kind of headaches and migraines. This will also help you fall asleep faster than without using the mask.

How Does It Really Feel?

Take a look this short YouTube video where you can see one example of a gel eye mask:

The cold gel may feel a little bit shocking at first when you put the mask on your eyes, if you don’t like cold. However, when you keep it on your eyes for just a few seconds, you can notice that it will start to feel very relaxing.

The gel eye mask with cold or warm gel can give you a comfortable and relaxing feeling, because itsouter layer is usually made from soft silk material. It feels so soft and gentle that you might not even realize that you are wearing a mask at all.

The strap of this kind of mask is usually adjustable, so you can easily adjust it for a perfect fit without feeling uncomfortable.

Similar to cold gel, the hot gel mask might first feel very odd to put on your eyes. But, like with cold gel, after a while you will notice that it is actually very relaxing, and you can see the good results quite soon.

What Is the Eye Mask Gel Made Of?

Common gel types which are used are hydroxyethyl cellulose, polymer, or silica coated with vinyl. These gels are non-toxic and biodegradable.

When the gel is hot or at room temperature, it is soft and squishy, and it usually hardens solid when frozen, whereas some gel types remain malleable.

The gel has a much lower freezing point than regular water, and that’s why it will also stay colder longer. Some gels have different freezing temperatures than others.

How Does the Gel Work?

When you heat a hot gel mask, it will retain its warm temperature for some time, at least 15 minutes, and the heat therapy will work during that time. However, keeping the mask on for longer is not bad either, even if you fall asleep.

The gel in the gel pack is non-toxic, so that the gel won’t do any harm to you or your eyes. The gel packs are designed so that they will not get hot enough to burn you.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely! As long as you do what the instructions say, it is safe. But, it is totally understandable to feel somewhat worried when there is some strange liquid near your eyes, and naturally, you might wonder how that liquid will act when it gets hot or cold.

As mentioned, the liquid used with this mask is non-poisonous cosmetic liquid, which you can safely heat and cool if you do it according to the instructions.

There is some safety reminders that you should know. If the instructions say that you can’t heat the hot gel in a microwave, then you should not do that. Some gels can be heated in the microwave, whereas some can’t. It should be clearly mentioned in the instructions, whether you can or can’t do that.

Other Solutions Instead of a Gel Mask?

Use a Cloth

There is one easy “old school” solution that you might want to try.

You may use a cold or a hot wrap. What are those? Basically, you can

  1. Take any cloth and
  2. Soak it in cold or hot water.
  3. Squeeze the cloth dry.
  4. Put the cloth on your eyes, just like a sleep mask.

Of course, it is a little bit harder to sleep with a cloth on your eyes, but it can be almost as good a solution as a sleeping mask, when you don’t have a mask at hand.

Eye Mask Heated with Electricity

There are some other sleeping masks which can be heated with electricity, for example through USB-connection. It might be handy if you prefer to use only warm therapy for your eyes. Also, if you feel that it might be easier to use than warming your therapy mask in hot water, the USB-heated mask could be a right solution for you.

However, if you also need the cold therapy function, you should get a gel mask instead, since the cold therapy function can’t be achieved with this kind of a mask.

Many Benefits

When you want to improve your sleeping, one solution is to use the hot or cold therapy gel eye mask. It will give you a very relaxing feeling, and at the same time, it blocks light and helps you to sleep.

Another great benefit of this kind of a mask is that you can use it even if you are not planning to sleep. (But watch out! You might fall asleep when using this kind of a product.) It can help you to get your thoughts out of everyday life, and you can just enjoy the relaxing moment.

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