Is It Bad to Sleep In Your Clothes for the Next Day?

sleeping clothes on

Do you like to sleep with your day clothes on? It may seem easy, because you could just wake up with your clothes on and when you wake up you can just easily go out. So, is it bad to sleep in your clothes for the next day?

Basically, it’s not bad. However, there are some situations when sleeping in your clothes for the next day might not be good for you, especially for your health. Keep on reading and you will find more specific reasons why it may be bad in some cases. 

But, like always, there is undoubtedly more to be concerned about.

Why Would You Like to Do So?

Yes, it’s understandable, it may be kind of convenient. You can easily just wake up in the morning and go straight away and do anything you want. You can start your day at the breakfast table or leave your home without doing too many preparations.

However, most of the people don’t sleep with their day clothes on. Why? Probably one reason is an acquired habit. Parents teach their children to go to sleep with pajamas on. When people grow up and become adults, they learn their own sleeping habits. And that is why some of us learn to sleep with our day clothes on.

When we are adults, we have the right to do whatever we want to do and do things just like we want. So why not sleep with your clothes on if it is convenient?

If you are a systematic human, you want to do things just the same way every time. Keeping your clothes on during sleeping may feel natural and fancy.

One benefit (and yet more understandable aspect if you feel anxious about it) is that when you have your outdoor clothes on while sleeping, you can easily go out if there will be, for example, an evacuation situation.

If you are like a businessman or otherwise you work a long day, you may find it very handy to just wake up with your clothes on and go straight to do your work.

Interesting is that, actually, at least one mother usually dresses her children in clothes for the next day, before the children go to sleep. It is kind of clever and may save some time in the morning, but it might be a terrible solution too, like some people commented in that particular case.

Of course, after all, it depends on where you sleep. Do you sleep in a normal bed or on a sofa or maybe just on the floor? Do you need to sleep with your daytime clothes on because your sleeping place is too cold?

Depending on all of these and yet more of other factors, you may wonder what are the pros and cons of sleeping in your clothes for the next day?

Is It Bad at All?

Do you feel that it would be bad? If so, why? Is it because wearing your day clothes during the night may feel uncomfortable? Or do your day clothes feel too hot when wearing them while sleeping during the night?

The most important aspect to approach this question is, do you feel comfortable yourself and, will it have a harmful effect on your sleep during the night?

So, if you are sure that wearing your daytime clothes while sleeping won’t influence your sleep, then why not sleep with your clothes on? But, if you notice any problems with comfort, this may interrupt your sleeping very badly.

Another concerning thing is the state of your clothes: whether they will be in a good shape in the morning when you wake up. Are your clothes fresh enough to use for the whole day? What might other people think about the look of your clothes?

These are just a few aspects to keep in mind when approaching this issue. But, it is good to remember that the main question should be: how do you yourself feel about it?

Yet another thing to concern, and surely a much more important one, is: how it can influence your health?

How about hygiene? Why is it unhealthy?

If you wear your daytime clothes in the bed, then what could be the worst thing to happen? Yes, when you move and sit in different places outside, you will certainly bring some visitors inside with you. Many kinds of bacteria stick to your clothes. What happens when you go to bed with those clothes on?

If you wear clothes on without going to shower, it’s bad. Really bad. Why? When you are dirty and if your clothes are dirty too, it’s worst combination.

If you don’t take a shower and you keep your dirty clothes on while sleeping, this combination can cause some serious health problems.

When you have dirty clothes on and you haven’t washed after coming in from outside, you also carry quite a lot of unhealthy stuff. There are certainly all kinds of little bugs and bacteria stuck on your clothes and your body.

Therefore, it is recommended to at least wash your face before you go to sleep and change the clothes you wore that day.

Also, when you wake up with dirty clothes on and without showering, maybe you won’t recognize your own bad smell. Other people will.

How about going to shower before you are planning to go sleep, and then putting on the clothes you’re planning to wear the next day?

That is a much better option, but even then it would be best to wear freshly washed and clean clothes. Then it should be just fine. But only IF you feel comfortable yourself with sleeping with your daytime clothes on.

So, if you sleep wearing your clothes for the next day, make sure that you:

  1. Take a shower before you go to sleep
  2. Have clean clothes and make sure that they won’t wrinkle or get out of shape
  3. Wear clothes that are both clean and comfortable
  4. Sleep without a cover if you feel it would be better

Where to Sleep?

This is also crucial. If you sleep in the bed, it would not be good to wear dirty clothes to bed. This is especially important when you sleep with your spouse. Does your spouse sleep with his or her daytime clothes on? If not, he or she probably won’t like the idea that you will.

Also, if you sleep in the bed with your dirty clothes on, the bacteria and other dirt will also transfer on your bed, and in the end you will share your sleeping place with them. And after all, they will stick with you, probably causing you health problems.

On the other hand, if you sleep for example on the floor, you may much more easily keep your daytime clothes on. While sleeping on the floor you don’t need to care about what kinds of “visitors” may travel around to your bed. But, still, the problem with the “visitors” may be that they can cause to you some health problems.

Sleeping on Floor
Photo credit: CharlesFred on / CC BY-NC-SA

What Kind of Clothes?

Jeans and jacket on to the bed? Why not. One aspect, of course, is if you feel warm when you have your outdoor clothes on? If so, it’s probably better not to keep your outdoor clothes on when you sleep. You may sweat and in the morning you might be wet like a pig, in need to take a shower, and the benefit to keep clothes on has been lost.

Also if, for example, your jeans are too tight, your blood circulation may be disturbed. That can cause some sleeping problems or then the quality of your sleep might be poor.

On the other hand, if you keep a jacket on while you sleep, you may not need any other cover. Or even with a shirt and trousers on, you may not need to use cover. If you feel so, you can simply keep them on, but you should make sure that any clothes you might wear won’t damage your sleeping.

How about:

When Traveling by Car, a Train or an Airplane?

When you are traveling, you don’t usually have a lot of choices. If you want to sleep during the journey, you need to keep your outdoor clothes on, if you don’t have a chance to take them off and switch to pajamas or something similar.

It might be difficult to sleep while traveling, but luckily you may use some helping solutions.

Basically, it is not bad to sleep fully clothed during traveling, but it will be best if you can go to shower right after your journey is over.

For example, many airports have shower rooms where you can go after your flight for a very cheap price or even totally free. Or if you can go to an arrival lounge after your journey, you can go to shower there.

Usually, you may have a possibility to go a lounge if you travel in the business class. And also, if you travel in the business class, it might be easier for you to change your clothes during the flight.

Another solution is just to wear very light clothes when you travel. Maybe some sweatpants and a light shirt are enough, especially during a long journey.

What You Gonna Do?

Should you sleep in your next day’s clothes? There aren’t probably many people who wear their daytime clothes while sleeping. But if you feel that it won’t do any harm to you, then you may want to try wearing your daytime clothes.

It really depends on your own conditions. You need to find it out by yourself, if it is good for you to sleep in your clothes for next day.

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