Sleeping with Socks On When Sick, Will You Get Well Faster?

sleeping with socks on when sick

Do you usually sleep with your socks on when you are sick? If you don’t, you should be concerned about the benefits of sleeping with socks on your feet.

So will you get well faster if you sleep with socks on when you are sick? If you sleep with your socks on when you are sick, you will more likely feel much better, and that is also the reason why you may get well much sooner. Furthermore, your process of getting well may be much faster since you may get good sleep when wearing socks on. 

So to get to the point:

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping With Socks On?

It is essential to have a good night’s rest when you are sick. That is because “sleep is the best medicine“. When you rest enough, the healing process will be faster.

Sleeping with your socks on when you are sick can keep your feet warm, but also your mind is more restful because of the comfortable feeling that you have.

It feels uncomfortable to be sick, and instead, you would like to do many other things that you usually do, but now you can’t because you are feeling sick.

Then you put your nice woolen socks on, and the warm feeling helps you to be relaxed and fall asleep quicker.

What can happen if you don’t wear socks when sleeping?

If you have cold feet and you’re trying to get to sleep when you are sick, more energy will be needed to warm your entire body. It slows the process of falling asleep, and then your healing process might slow down too.

Wearing socks during the night can prevent night sweats and hot flushes if you have a fever. Your body regulates its temperature and will cool itself.

Another benefit when wearing socks is that it may help deal with Raynaud’s syndrome symptoms.

Also, when you have dry skin on your feet, or if you feel pain or soreness in your feet, socks can help you. Just

  1. moisturize your feet with a good moisturizer before going to sleep. After that
  2. pick up a pair of cotton socks and put them on. Then
  3. your feet will be warm and well moisturized.

In some cases, it might be better not to wear socks when you are sick.

Why Does It Help?

How do you feel if you don’t wear socks when sleeping while you are sick? If you feel that your feet are warm enough and it would be uncomfortable to wear socks, then it may be better not to wear socks.

However, there are good benefits from wearing socks when you are sick and need to get more sleep.

Also, keeping your feet warm when sleeping will affect your sleeping patterns. When your feet are warm, your blood vessels dilate in the feet, and the warm feeling spreads to your entire body and helps you to prepare for falling asleep.

The skin on your feet should be warm, but your body temperature should drop so you can fall asleep easily. Wearing socks when you are sick can give you a comfortable feeling and it can also give you a restful mind. So it is very important when you are sick.

But, when thinking about wearing your socks when sleeping while sick, you may also want to consider the following: what kind of socks should you wear?

What Kind of Socks?Wool socks are warm

There are tons of different kind of socks that you can wear. There are also specific socks to wear during the night if you want to sleep better.

Is it good to wear socks that are too tight? Usually, it is not a good idea. Why is it so?

If you wear too tight socks when you want to get to sleep your blood circulation will be restricted and it may cause some swelling. Even if your feet are warm enough, the real benefits of sleeping with socks on will be lost.

When you are sick and trying to decide if you should keep your socks on while sleeping, you might also worry about getting too hot, if you are already warm enough because you have a fever. What to do then?

Choosing the right kind of socks is crucial. Check these things when selecting socks to sleep when you are sick.

  1. Choose socks that are warm enough. They should be thick and made from wool or at least most of the material should be wool.
  2. Make sure that your socks are not too tight. It might be a big problem if you just try to keep your feet warm but they swell during the night.
  3. Use two or three pairs of socks if one pair is not enough. But again, make sure that they are not too tight. You may think about using thick pure wool socks if you can get a pair like that.
  4. Use different socks when sleeping, and not the same pair you use during the daytime. It is better to wear a fresh pair of socks every night.

You can easily find the best socks to use overnight when you search from here.

When Not to Wear Socks?When not to wear socks?

Could there be a reason not to wear socks when sleeping if you are sick? Yes.

As mentioned, your socks should not be too tight. Too tight socks may just make things worse and make you feel terrible.

If your feet feel warm enough and you don’t have any problems to fall asleep, you don’t have to wear socks when you are sleeping while you are sick.

Also, if you find out that you have some foot problems after using socks during the night, you should look at other solutions to keep your feet warm.

You may want to get Bed slippers or you may try Battery Electric Heated Socks for Cold Feet.

What About Wet Socks?

Wet socks can help you to improve your sleep if you are sick. Especially, if you have the flu, they can help you to get better sleep at night. Wet socks can help you if you suffer from nosebleedsear infections, and some other diseases.

Before you try to sleep with wet socks on, make sure that it is not in any way harmful to you. Check if there is any danger to you, and do not try it if you find out any risk to you.

How does it work?

Before you go to sleep at night, prepare a pair of woolen socks (which are at least 90 % wool).

  1. Keep the socks in cold water and try to squeeze them as dry as possible.
  2. Keep your feet in warmth. For example, put your feet in warm water.
  3. Dry your feet.
  4. Put the cold socks on.
  5. Go to bed and cover your feet with a blanket.
  6. Keep the socks on for the whole night.

You can repeat this procedure during the night if you feel so.


Your feet start to get warm after a few minutes after your feet get under a cover. If these directions are followed properly, a few hours later the socks should be totally dry.

During the night your congestion might be relieved and other symptoms improved. So, this kind of wet sock therapy may help you to get better and heal from the flu.

Should You Put Anything in Your Socks? Potato? Onion? 

What does this mean?

You can put, for example, potato slices in your socks to gain some health benefits or get well sooner. Does this kind of therapy really work?

Well, it depends, and there is no definite proof, but you can try it if you want. You may also read more about these techniques from here.

But what could you try to put in the socks?

Just a warning first: don’t use any of these methods if you are not sure that it is healthy for you. Contact your doctor first, or search for more information online.

  1. Cotton pads with apple cider vinegar. The vinegar can help to increase the blood flow, which might limit the fever. Just soak the cotton pads in apple cider vinegar and squeeze them dry. Place in your socks and keep there overnight.
  2. Onion might have some health effects at least if you believe in it. It has been claimed that onions have the ability to kill bacteria and viruses. So this may be one option to get healthy faster.
  3. Potatoes in your socks. Some people claim that when you have the flu, you will get better if you put some sliced potatoes in your socks while you are sleeping. Well, just try if you feel like it. The claim is that there are some good substances that will be absorbed by your feet, and it might help you fight the fever and the flu.

These are not official sleeping tips. There is absolutely no guarantee that you get better when you place onions or potatoes or anything else in your socks. But, if it helps you, you are very lucky!

Get the Socks on Your Feet Right Away

Using socks when you are sick is not a bad idea. Benefits are very clear and getting better as soon as possible is what everyone wants. Get the right kind of socks and use them during the night and then you’ll get well soon!

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