Take Care of Bed Sheets Properly – The Complete Guide

How to Take Proper Care of Bed Sheets

You spend every night around eight hours in your bed with your bed sheets. Therefore, it is obviously crucial to take proper care of your bed sheets, since the total time you spend with your bed sheets is 1/3 of your whole life!

So how to take good care of your bed sheets? Change and wash your bed sheets once a week. Wash the highest temperature that washing instructions allow, dry them carefully, iron following given instructions, fold them and store them in open storage. When you wash bed sheets, don’t wash other fabrics, such as other clothes or towels same time to get the best result.

How often you wash your day clothes?

How about, how often you wash your bed sheets?

How you take care of your clothes?

How about, how you take care of your bed sheets?

You use your day clothes about 2/3 of the day. But you stay with your bed sheets around 1/3 of the day. There are numerous reasons to take good care of your bed sheets. Maybe one of the most important reason is that you more likely sleep much better every night if your bed sheets are in proper condition and fresh.

But what specific actions you can take to care your bed sheets properly?

How to Take a Good Care of Bed Sheets:

Why Change Bed Sheets Regularly?

Well for most it obvious that bed sheet should change time to time, but exactly why to do so? There is basically one word that can describe the reason: dirt.

When you sleep with your bed sheets every night around eight hours, you let some bacteria to stick to your bed sheets (even if you cleaned your skin before bed.) You left every night to your bed sheets dead skin cells, oils from the skin and probably some saliva. The “bacteria can start to build up in the fibers” and make it unhealthy to sleep on same bed sheets for a longer time. Furthermore, sweating overnight may make fungal to grow in the mattress, and sweat itself leaves signs to the bed.

Also, “One type of mold, Cladosporium, grows on damp mattresses and can lead to asthma, pneumonia, and a fungal infection called Onychomycosis, which can cause skin lesions and crumbling toenails (vom).”

So there just a couple of reasons to change bed sheet regularly.


How Often Should You Change Bed Sheets?

It, of course, vary a bit on your situation. For instance, if you have pets who like to sleep (at least sometimes) in the same bed with you, you should probably change your bed sheet even more often. Also, if you have some allergies changing bed sheets more often may be useful to do.

However, a rule of thumb to change your bed sheets is:

once a week

Many sources say that optimal changing pattern could be 7 to 10 days. So, if possible, once a week might be enough.

Recently, there was a query about “How often do you change your bed sheets?” on Reddit.com. Most of those who answered to this query say that they change bed sheets once a week.

One Reddit user said that he has a habit to change bed sheets every day!

And one said that he changed last time a long time ago since the comment was: “How old is Star Wars?”

Definitely, there is some variation on how often people change bed sheets!

Why Wash Bed Sheets?

Wash bed sheets regularly

The reason is again related to how easily bed sheets collect the dirt. Just like you probably wash your clothes regularly, you would want to wash bed sheets regularly.

You more likely won’t want to buy a new bed sheet every time you change them, so washing is a much better idea. When bed sheets have appropriately washed, they are more likely as good as new ones.

How to Wash Bed Sheets?
Laundry Care Instructions

For first, check the care instructions. Any bed sheets you buy more likely have clear guidelines for taking care of them.

The instructions include the right water temperature which should use when washing the bed sheets in a washing machine. There is also mention of which type of washing is recommended for the specific sheets so that they stay in best shape.

What Does Laundry Symbols Mean
Download Ultimate Guide for Laundry Symbols PDF file Here for Free

Also, looking at a washing machines manual you can find out is there some specific instructions to take care of when washing bed sheets. With some washing machines, there may be a particular laundry setting for bed sheets. If there is one, use that just like the manual of the washing machine says.

Furthermore, the washing instructions may include some written instructions, such as related to the color of another laundry should wash at the same time. The most common direction may be “wash with similar colors.”

Use proper wash laundry detergent and fabric softener which suits best with your bed sheets. See the instructions to get the idea of the right type of products.

How to find best laundry detergent for bed sheets?

There are many different kinds of laundry detergents where to choose from. When you want to be sure to use the best one, here you can find three best options to use with bed sheets:

Take a look those options and choose which one is the best one for you.

Before placing bed sheets in the washing machine remember clean washers lint trap, if there is one to get a decent result.

How Many Bed Sheets Should Place in Washing Machine at Once?

In general, this may vary on what kind of washing machine you are using and especially on what kind of capacity it has.

However, it is essential that there is enough space for bed sheets to get them clean in the washing machine.

A basic rule is to fill the washing machine no more than 70 %. It means that you can with standard size washing machine typically wash just a few bed sheet per one time.

Another measure that helps you to estimate how many bed sheets you can wash for one time is weight. Typically, most common size washing machine can take 6.5kg laundry at once. Probably, to that size of washing machine you can put in four bed sheets on one time.

However, it is crucial to check what a guide of your washing machine says about how much laundry it can wash properly once, and follow the direction of the guide strictly.

How Often Should Bed Sheets be Washed?

It is recommended to change bed sheets after use of one week. Therefore, it is also recommendable to wash bed sheet instantly after use. Sometimes it is not possible to wash bed sheet right away after replacing them, and that is why it would be good to have at least three sets of bed sheets, so there is one set to change every week.

Furher, you may wonder how to wash stinky bed sheets. Here are very good instructions how to remove body oil stains and odors form bed sheets.

Should I Wash New Bed Sheets Before Using Them?


When bed sheets have manufactured, there is more likely always some chemical, “such as like butane, propane, and formaldehyde, treatments” placed on them during the process. Therefore, to get a fresh and clean sleeping surface with new bed sheets, it is highly recommendable that you wash bed sheets before using them.

Actually, some bed sheet comes with the instruction that they should wash before use, so it is undoubtedly a good habit.

If you feel so, you may even want to wash bed sheets a few times before using them to get them surely clean from all the chemicals.

How to Dry Bed Sheets?

As soon as the washing has finished bed sheets should remove from the washing machine. If you have the opportunity to use a dryer place bed sheets slackly in the dryer and run a recommend drying program. Look for further information from the manual of the dryer.

  • Don’t overload dryer to get a better result, for instance; it may help avoid wrinkles.
  • If you don’t have a chance to use a dryer, hang laundry to dry as loosely as possible.
  • Remember to check label instructions for a get best result.
  • If the dryer has a lint trap, remember to clean lint after every use.

How to Dry Bed Sheets Quickly?

If you need to dry bed sheet quickly and you can use a dryer, you can run the program twice to dry sheets properly.

If you don’t have the opportunity to use a dryer, it is crucial to hang to dry bed sheets as soon as possible. If it is possible to place bed sheets dry to outside, it is even better, because the light of the sun may help laundry to dry faster. Furthermore, hanging sheets outside where is some puff, may reduce wrinkles.

Dry bed sheets properly

Take bed sheets out from the dryer promptly and consider if you can fulfill next step:

  • Drying rack helps to dry bed sheets airily, so that drying may be faster
  • One option is to use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process, even though it is slower than ironing
  • Ironing with hottest iron temperature can be a quick way to dry bed sheets

Why to Iron Bed Sheets?

Do bed sheets need to iron? Basically, there is no “rule” that you should iron bed sheets. However, there are some benefits if you decide to iron your bed sheets.

  • First, ironing makes your bed sheets look good. When you have flat bed sheets, it is more likely much comfortable to sleep, and because of a pleasant mindset, your sleep quality is probably better.
  • For the second, hot ironing may kill some bacteria on bed sheets if there is any stuck even after washing them.
  • Third ironing may soften the material of bed sheets.
  • What is more, ironing bed sheets make it a bit easier to fold them and place them to storage.

How to Iron Bed Sheets?

One option is to do it the traditional way, using iron and ironing board. But there are other ways to do it too.

Here are a few tips for the ironing process makes it easier:

  • Iron bed sheets when they are still a bit moist
  • Iron with quick and gentle movements
  • You can set bed sheets on the bed and iron them on the bed too

For next, to keep bed sheets smooth, you should store bed sheets properly.


Where to Store Bed Sheets?

After washing and maybe ironing bed sheets, you may want to store them the proper way. Unless if you don’t place them straight away to bed.

So what is an ideal place to store bed sheets?

Traditionally, many people store their bed sheets in a closet. Another option is just to keep bed sheets in boxes that can you can store in many different locations depending on what kind of apartment you have.

The most optimal way to store bed sheets would be in the closet but placed in the boxes made from wood. The reason for this is related to the fact that form the closet’s shelves have sometimes made from materials that may stick to the bed sheets stored on the shelves of the closet.

It is an excellent habit to store similar bed sheet in same shelve or box, so that it may be easier to find right sheets every time. Furthermore, related materials may last longer when storing them together, and not mixing them with other materials.

How to avoid wrinkles when storing bed sheets?

The key factory is related to how you place your bed sheets to storage. For example, if you just throw bed sheets to the closet, they more likely get some wrinkles.

Furthermore, one option to avoid wrinkles in bed sheets is folding bed sheets properly before storing them:

Should You Fold Bed Sheets?

Yes, if you have effort and time to do it. Furthermore, folding bed sheets may make it feel more comfortable and easier to store them, and also it may make it more easier to take them to use.

Where to Fold Bed Sheets?

For folding bed sheets, you need enough space. Depending on what kind of environment you have, you may decide to use your bed or another wide area such as a table to fold bed sheets.

If you need to fold bed sheets by yourself, the easiest method may use your bed, especially if it is big enough. If you have someone with who you can do it together, folding may be possible to do even without any surface.

How to Fold Bed Sheets?

Traditional Flat Sheet
When using traditional top bed sheets, it folding may be a bit easier than using other kinds of bed sheets.
  • Start folding lengthwise, so that total of folded sections is 3 or 4, depending on how long the bed sheet is. When folding sheets, make sure that there are no clear edges left.
  • Let the top corners of the sheet to meet with to the other side bear a facing. Continue until facing is long material.
  • After the fabric is a facing, you can fold the lining to three or four sections, so that the shape is square or depending on the size of bed sheets, rectangle.
  • Make sure that the fitted sheets are folded similar sizes over each other.
A Fitted Sheet
To fold a fitted sheet, it may be a bit harder than folding a flat bed sheet. However, following strict instructions described below you more likely will reach the success.
Here is a short explanation of how to fold a fitted sheet, and do it the easiest way:
  • Spread a fitted sheet on a bed or other flat surface, so that fitted corners are up
  • Fold the sheet half lengthwise
  • Slide the top fitted corners into the bottom corner pockets
  • Fold half once again lengthwise
  • Slide the top fitted corners again into the bottom corner pockets
  • Fold the sheet half or into thirds, as many times you like to
The result should be a rectangular folded fitted sheet.
Anyway, to understand precisely how to do this, you may want to see how to do it. So here is a link to a video where is shown how to fold a fitted sheet properly and do it straightforward way.
Source: Today.com

How to Keep Bed Sheets Fresh?

First, and very crucial step is to dry bed sheets after wash properly before storage or use them.

How can you be sure that bed sheets are dry enough?

  • Simply, try with your hand, what they feel like. If bed sheets feel any wet at any point, you need to let them dry some more time or dry them with somehow, for instance, with hairdryer.
  • For the second, remember to wash bed sheets regularly. Don’t skip washing, even if bed sheets look clean. When sleeping on bed sheets a few nights, they will surely get some dirt and dust, and freshness will disappear very soon.
  • For third, when washing bed sheets, you can use fabric softener to help your bed sheets to keep them fresh and fragrances.
  • For fourth, you can use some fabric spray to freshen sheets. It is probably much more pleasant to sleep when you can smell the fresh smell from the bed sheets. Furthermore, fresh scent helps you fall asleep.

Also, especially in the summertime, you can dry bed sheets after wash outside to get sunlight and fresh air. You will notice the difference after taking bed sheets from outside to inside fresh bouquet.

How to Keep Bed Sheets Fresh in Storage?

When putting bed sheets to storage, there are a few things that may help to keep bed sheets fresh and better on able to use:

Like said, the most critical step may be to remember that you need to dry laundry properly after wash. That is how you can make sure that bed sheets won’t unnecessarily get moldy and less fresh.

But it is also essential to take a look at how you store them and where you store them. So to get a better solution, it is crucial to store bed sheets to proper surface in the closet or keep them in storage boxes if possible.

Also, as described earlier, folding bed sheets can help you to keep bed sheets in good shape for a longer time. So when you want to make sure that bed sheets are fresh, folding them may help in that situation.

Using some freshener in the closet helps surely keep the whole closet fresh, and therefore bed sheets too.

How to Remove Blood Stains from Bed Sheets?

Fresh blood on bed sheets:

  • For first, take be sheets out of bed and use cold water to the stain

if cold water won’t help, then try to

  • Pour soda, white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide straight to the blood stain and wait at least 20 minutes
  • After blood stain is removed wash bed sheets normally

Why Bed Sheets Turn Yellow?

Especially, when using white bed sheets, you may notice very soon that their color may turn yellow. The reason is related to how your body sweats when you sleep during the night. Also, some saliva may escape your mouth to the pillowcase or bed sheets during sleep yellowing them.

Furthermore, bed sheets, especially white ones, turn yellow on aging. If you use any skin-care products, any of them may stick on bed sheets from your body and make them yellow.

How to Remove Yellow Color from Bed Sheets?

There are some excellent tricks how you can remove the yellow color from your bed sheets.

For first, using baking soda may remove yellow color from white bed sheets.

  • Don’t use fabric softener when washing to get yellow off
  • Just “add 1/2 cup of baking soda” to the washing machine
  • Also, add ” a 1/2 cup of vinegar” to the washing machine
  • If possible, hang bed sheets to dry outside to get some sunshine

Source: Hunker.com

When to Throw Away Bed Sheets and Get New Ones?

If bed sheets have any holes, color has changed so that it is stuck, and you can’t get them clean anymore it is more likely time to throw them away (or maybe even better have the other use for them).

But there is usually some ways to keep your bed sheets in good shape even after they may look a bit not anymore the best days.

Chart of Standard Sizes of Bed Sheets – Usually Used in U.S.

 TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCalifornia King
Bed Size38 x 75 in (97 x 191 cm)38 x 80 in (97 x 203 cm)54 x 75 in (140 x 190 cm)60 x 80 in (150 x 200 cm)76 x 80 in (190 x 200 cm)72 x 84 in (180 x 210 cm)
Flat Sheet72 x 102 in (180 x 260 cm)72 x 114 in (180 x 290 cm)87 x 102 in (220 x 260 cm)92 × 108 in (230 × 270 cm)110 × 114 in (280 × 290 cm)111 × 114 in (280 × 290 cm)
Fitted Sheet39 × 76 × 14 in (99 × 193 × 36 cm)39 × 80 × 14 in (99 × 203 × 36 cm)54 × 76 × 15 in (137 × 193 × 38 cm)60 × 80 × 15 in (152 × 203 × 38 cm)73 × 80 × 15 in (185 × 203 × 38 cm)73 × 85 × 15 in (185 × 216 × 38 cm)

Related Questions:

Are Bed Sheets Recyclable?

Yes, they are. There are a lot of options to recycle bed sheets.

Here you find ideas to recycle old bed sheets properly.

Will Washing Bed Sheets Kill Fleas?

It is possible if you use enough high washing temperature. The ideal temperature is at least 95° Fahrenheit (35° Celsius). But it is good to know that if you want to get rid of fleas completely, you may need to wash all your bedding so that they will completely go away.

Further information about how to get rid of fleas in bed you can find here.

Will Washing Bed Sheets Kill Bed Bugs?

Possibly, but you need to understand that it may not be enough to solve the problem with bed bugs. They may require much more actions to get rid of them altogether, especially if bed bugs have moved other parts of bed or apartment, and usually they are. Therefore, do research and find the right solution to your case. It may mean that you need to contact your local professional pets protection.

Why do Bed Sheets Keep Slipping Off the Edge?

When bed sheets keep coming off its original place, it may disrupt good sleeping over the night. What can you do if notice that bed sheets are slipping off often?

If your bed sheets are made from silk, and therefore a bit slippery, you can try to use a mattress protector. A mattress protector can keep bed sheet on their place with friction.

More tips related to the question you can find here.

Why are Bed Sheets Important?

Bed sheets are a protector between you, and your mattress Bed sheets are like clothes for nighttime. Many people wear pajamas, but bed sheets are like another layer of clothes.

Furthermore, bed sheets cover the mattress, bed cover, and pillow, since without bed sheets would these would get dirt of dead skin and dust what every human being leave to bed during the night.

What Bed Sheets Are Most Comfortable?

The answer depends on the what point of view each one has, but usually, the meaning of comfortable bed sheets is related on which bed sheets would feel most comfortable.

There are also other factors that, such as comfortable may mean just cooling bed sheets. Some others may value more. Someone may evaluate much more what they look like, and especially children’s may appreciate much more nice looking with their printed their favorite character on the bed sheet.

Here are a couple of examples that people usually want when looking of comfortable bed sheets:

Sateen Sheets

Sateen sheets have made from 100 % long-staple Egyptian cotton. This kind of bed sheets is smooth and so comfortable that some people feel that just using this kind of bed sheets gives good night sleep.

Eucalyptus sheets

If you are looking ecologic and comfortable bed sheets, eucalyptus sheets are more likely to go with. Furthermore, eucalyptus sheets are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic given you probably freedom to breath well while sleeping.

“Basic” linen sheets

Linen sheet set, such as Dream Castle Linens or Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set is moisture-wicking so that you don’t need to suffer any new humility overnight and to give cool feel overnight.








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