How to Sleep After Seeing a Cockroach & Never See One Again!

How to Sleep After Seeing a Cockroach

You probably hate cockroaches. So do many others, including me. Cockroaches are surely very annoying, and in the worst case, you are afraid of cockroaches so much that it will affect your ability to sleep. Especially when you see a cockroach in your bedroom right before you are going to bed, you might feel that you can’t sleep anymore. There must be a solution. And luckily, there are many good ones!

So how can you sleep after seeing a cockroach?

You most likely don’t need to worry after seeing a cockroach before bed. If the cockroach goes to hide somewhere, you should be able to sleep peacefully, because cockroaches rarely cause any danger to humans. You can relax by using multiple different relaxing techniques described in this post. In addition, you can take some actions to eliminate the cockroach problem.

To find out which option would be best in your case, read these tips related to relaxing and eliminating the cockroach in this post. You will find a way to sleep peacefully after seeing a cockroach!

Basically, you have two options when seeing a cockroach:

let it be


do something

If you decide to let the cockroach be, then you should find a way to relax and fall asleep.

That being said, you may feel terrified anyway.


What to Do If a Cockroach Is in Your Room and You Can’t Sleep?

Usually, when you feel anxiety, the best way to calm down is to do some mental exercises. That’s because often we tend to think about the worst things that could happen. Furthermore, the fear might cripple us so much that it could ruin a night’s sleep, even if there is no good reason.

Therefore, after seeing a cockroach before bed, the best practice might be to find something else to think about.

But how?

It could be anything that can turn your thoughts away from fear or anxiety, and the solution might be a little different for everyone.

Therefore, here are listed five best things to try when you feel anxious after seeing a cockroach:

Relax Your Body

One of the best ways to relax your mind (and also your body) is to first tense and then relax your muscles one by one.

Starting from your toes:

tense your toes for 15 seconds and release. Repeat a couple of times.

Continue by tensing and releasing your other body parts one by one, from your legs to your neck.

After doing so, you should feel relaxed, and falling asleep should be more comfortable.

Read Something (Boring)

Reading anything might turn your thoughts away from the fear of cockroaches. Besides, if you choose to read something not too exciting, you may calm down and fall asleep easier.

If you feel that your thoughts turn back to anxiety despite reading, you could try to:

Write Down Your Thoughts

When you feel fear or anxiety after seeing a cockroach, you could also calm yourself down by writing down your worries.

For instance, you could write down your worries related to cockroaches, or you could write down things that may calm you down.

Furthermore, you can also write down things that you should do the following days. Maybe you might want to write down the actions that you want to take to prevent the occurrence of cockroaches in your house. This way, you can rest assured that you have a plan, and you don’t have to worry about it in the middle of the night.

Repeat a Word in Your Mind

Repeating a word in your mind, such as “yes”, “no”, or any other word, may help you to avoid anxious thoughts. You should try to repeat such a word in your mind for sequences such as every 10 seconds or so. Then, you can keep your thoughts away from the fact that you saw the cockroach.


Just like repeating a word in your mind, you can also focus on repeating some numbers in your mind.

You may know that it is a very common suggestion to count sheep in order to fall asleep.

An even better option would be to just count down numbers, starting from a massive number, such as 26,416, and keep on counting down until you fall asleep. This way, you will most likely fall asleep before you reach zero.

If you feel that you can’t fall asleep even after trying these tips, you may need to take some action.

In such a case you need to know:

How to Get Rid of the Cockroach Before Going to Bed?

After seeing a cockroach before going to bed, you might feel that you need to get rid of it right away.

So what actions can you take in that kind of situation?

You could simply smash it down. But it might also feel too scary or impractical in your situation. You may want to stay as far as possible from the cockroach.

Luckily, you also have other options:

The first option that many people choose is using the pest defense spray to get rid of the cockroaches. The spray can eliminate the cockroach, and you can also stay a bit further away from the cockroach while using the spray to help you to get rid of the cockroach easier.

If you don’t happen to have any pest defense spray for your use, and you don’t want to smash the cockroach, you could also, for instance, use a glass cup (any kind of cup is ok).

How does a glass cup help you to get rid of the cockroach?

Catch a cockroach in a glass cup, but don’t let it go away!

Even if it feels a bit annoying, you can place the glass cup over the cockroach. Then it won’t run away.

So at this point, the cockroach is in the glass cup and you can keep it there, or you can move the glass cup with the cockroach someplace far from your bedroom. 

If you choose to move it away, then simply take a piece of a carton, such as a postcard or similar, and place it between the cockroach and the edge of the glass.

Make sure that you keep the glass and piece of carton tightly together so that a cockroach won’t run away. If you decide to let the cockroach go away, first move the cockroach to a place where it can’t come back to your bedroom, or even better, back to your house.

How to Keep Cockroaches Away from the Bedroom at Night?

In some cases, it may be tough to prevent cockroaches completely in your home.

But you can take some actions to decrease the number of cockroaches in your house, following the next tips:

Keep It Clean

Keep it Clean - Take the trash away every night

Make sure you clean regularly: in particular, discard all leftover food and any other waste that cockroaches like to eat, such as used tissues or pieces of wood.

Take the trash away every night. Don’t let any trash linger inside or even close your home overnight. Don’t leave the trash outside your door, but always take it to the trash can.

Don’t let any surface stay wet. Any moisture may attract cockroaches because they like to “drink” water.

Check the Temperature

Keep the bedroom cool. Cockroaches usually don’t like to be in a cool environment. It may also help you to fall asleep more easily, when your bedroom temperature is optimal.

“the suggested bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep”


Block All Possible Entries

Seal every possible crack in your bedroom. This means that you should find the possible ways that cockroaches might enter your bedroom.

It might be the passage for the air conditioner inlet. It might be any hole, even a tiny one, that leads outside or to another room. It might also be the crack under the door.

Therefore, seal all these possible cracks to prevent cockroaches from coming into your bedroom.

One of the obvious ways may be under the door. Therefore, getting a door sweep for your bedroom door is essential if you want to prevent cockroaches from coming into your bedroom.

(Of course, there needs to be proper ventilation so that your bedroom won’t get too stuffy!)

Use Proper Cockroach Baits

There are many different kinds of bug baits over there, so make sure you select the right one. I would recommend getting Raid Double Control Small Roach Baits since I have noticed that they really work as they should.

After installing these baits in suitable places, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and the balcony, I haven’t seen any cockroaches after a couple of months’ use.

You should definitely use them too.

How to Keep Cockroaches Away from Your Bed?

One option is to get a mosquito tent.

Yes, the purpose of a mosquito tent is to keep mosquitos away from your bed area, but it can also keep cockroaches away from your bed. When the tent is closed properly, the cockroaches have no way to get in.

You can use pest spray for the edges of your bed area to prevent cockroaches from coming close to your bed.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Completely?

How to Sleep After Seeing a Cockroach - Bug Barrier

Use Bug Barrier Spray

To defend your house against cockroaches, you need to use some kind of bug barrier and spray it in the possible entries and holes in your house where cockroaches could get in.

Spray the areas where cockroaches usually move. Kitchen, trash can and bathroom, to name a few.

For instance, Raid Max Bug Barrier Starter (Amazon link) helps you to keep roaches away from your bedroom, if you use it properly.

In the product description is said that “Keeps killing German cockroaches for up to 12 months”, so this should be a proper spray to use when you want to make sure that cockroaches will stay away for sure.

Seek Professional Help if You Can’t Get Rid of Cockroaches

If the problem is huge or the steps above won’t help you get rid of all the cockroaches, it is better to give the job for professionals.

Contact your local pest control, and they can surely handle the cockroach problem.

Pest control professionals can also give you detailed information about keeping cockroaches away after they have finished their job.

Then it is more likely that you won’t see a cockroach again in your house, and you can sleep well each night!

You may also wonder:

Will Cockroaches Climb Into Your Bed?

Yes, they can, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will. They may even walk on you while you sleep. While this rarely causes any harm, the thought in itself is not pleasant.

Therefore, you surely want to take some actions to keep cockroaches away from your bed.

Do Cockroaches Bite You in Your Sleep?

It is possible, but definitely not common.

The bite of a cockroach is similar to that of other bugs. The bite of a cockroach might cause itching and allergy symptoms on your skin.

Will Keeping the Lights on Keep Cockroaches Away?

Unfortunately, most likely, the answer is no.

It may be that cockroaches hate bright light, but you would need to keep on a light so bright that it would actually disturb your sleeping. Therefore, it may be better to look for other options to prevent cockroaches from coming in your bedroom.

Are Roaches Harmful to Humans?

Some may wonder if cockroaches are poisonous. But, despite the fear, they are not poisonous and don’t usually cause harm to humans, apart from a nuisance.

“Cockroaches do not produce any form of poison and have no ability to sting. In rare circumstances, they have been known to bite people, but this is not a common occurrence.”


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