How to Sleep When It’s Windy Outside – Yes You Can!

How to sleep when it is windy outside

Windy or stormy weather outside may cause quite a much noise, and it may feel scary for some of us. Many times, windy weather happens to be at night time when you should sleep.

So how to sleep when it is windy outside? First of all, Take it easy! It may feel quite scary when it is windy or stormy out. Luckily, there are ways to relax and fall asleep in windy weather. For instance, you can stay close to other people, read a book, take a shower or bath or listen to music. Further, you may need to make some actions to find some other place to sleep.

The fear of something terrible happens, or something breaks may be related windy or stormy weather. For instance, you may scare that something brakes in your house because of the wind.

Thus, it would be great to find some solutions that may help you to relief fear in the case it is windy outside.

Take a look which of these tips could work with you:

1. Calm Down by Realizing the Facts

Fear can take over anyone.

Most likely, many fears are unnecessary. It is because more likely the fear that you think won’t ever really happen.

Fear related to windy weather is probably one unnecessary fear.

So usually, when it’s windy weather, anything terrible won’t happen.

Of course, when it is incredibly windy, you may need to do some preparations and see if you can protect yourself better. But once you have done all that you can, you should settle down.

You should find the best solution to relax, that work with you.

2. Calm Down by Sleeping with a Person or Pet (or Teddy)

If it is possible, sleep near to spouse or another relative. It more likely calms you down, since you and your company may feel and get safe from each other.

Similarly, if you have any pet, you may go to sleep near your pet, and you more likely feel safer.

Whenever it is possible, sleeping close another person or pet can help with anxiety and ease you so that falling asleep in windy or stormy weather can be much more reasonable.

If no person or pet in the house, you may feel safe with teddy bear too.

When you feel that it is impossible to sleep when it’s windy outside, you could also try to find ways to relax by making some of your favorite relaxing habits.

For instance, before you are going to sleep, you could try for a while:

3. Relax by Reading a Book

You should try to read a book if you like to read books and you know that reading a book can be relaxing for you.

Choose a book that’s not too exciting to read. Then it can help you to stay calm, and you may not have nightmares.

Actually, it is said that reading some very boring book may help you fall asleep in the best way.

4. Relax by Taking a Shower or Bath

To calm down, you may have to “wash your worries.”

Showering or taking a bath may be just enough relaxing so that you may fall asleep more relaxed, even when there is windy weather outside.

Further, it may be easier to fall asleep after the shower because you feel clean and fresh.

5. Relax by Taking a Massage (Even by Yourself)

A massage can relax you when feeling anxious. When you are nervous, you more likely tense your muscles, and a massage can help release that kind of tension,

If there is someone with you, ask him or her to give you a massage.

If you are alone, you can actually give the massage by yourself.

Here are simple instructions for how you can massage yourself easily. These apply when you have massage supplements or also in case you don’t have.

If you know any other habit that can help relax you use it to calm down on windy weather.

6. Block the Noise of the Wind

In most cases, it is the sound of the wind what makes you anxiousness. That is true even when you know that wind won’t cause any damage.

Therefore, blocking the sound of the wind may be good practice.

  • Earplugs can solve the problem most comfortably if you can use them. Take a look which of these earplugs could be best for you.
  • Use noise-canceling headphones. Since there are a few different kinds of noise-canceling headphones, I did some research, and here you can find the best ones.

7. Listen to Music

When you have headphones or noise-canceling headphones, what could be better use them than listening to music when there is the noise of wind?

Listen whatever your favorite music or select some new music pieces to relax and block the noise of the wind.

8. Listen to White (or Other) Noise

To cover the noise of wind may help you to calm down. Therefore, some different sound, like white noise, can help to cover the noise of the wind.

Take a look at these different options to use as relaxing sounds. You could use them in other situations too, whenever you feel it’s hard to fall asleep.

9. Check Weather Broadcast Frequently to Prepare the Windy or Stormy Weather


When you have a habit of checking weather broadcast beforehand, it can help you to do preparations for the windy weather.

For instance, you may have time to buy earplugs or other aids in advance. Further, you can make sure that all the necessary safety procedures have done before the windy weather arrives.

10. Go to Another Room in Your House

If in your home you have many rooms, you may try to go to another place.

Going to a different room in your house may also help to block the noises if there are not so noisy than your main bedroom. Also, in another room, it may be safer if there are no windows or windows that are smaller than in your bedroom.

11. Get in Even More Covered Place

Especially if it’s harsh wind or storm and you have an emergency shelter near your house, why not go in there?

It may calm you down since you know you are in much better safety in the shelter.

To get a good sleep in your emergency shelter, you more likely need to do some preparations beforehand.

For instance, you should make sure that there is a comfortable bed for you and your family.

Further, the environment in an emergency shelter is essential. So make sure that there is not too cold or hot, and the ventilation is in proper condition all the seasons of the year.

Related Questions:

Why Can’t I Sleep when It Rains?

The reason may merely relate to the hard sound of rain. If you usually tend to sleep well when it’s silent, the sound of rain may disrupt you.

The best solution for this problem may be to block the sound of the rain.

You could use earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to block the noise of the rain.

Also, using a white noise machine can help you replace the noise of rain to another more peaceful sound.

How to Sleep When It’s Thundering?

A thunderstorm may be very loud, especially if it is near you.

First of all, similar tips can work in this case than described earlier.


  • Find out what could be the best way to stay calm
  • Go safe place in your house
  • Avoid staying near the windows
  • You are more likely safe inside, and you can sleep even it’s thundering outside
  • Use earplugs or alternative sound blocking solutions

It may be practical to follow the weather forecast so that you can estimate which direction thunderstorm will move and when it will go away. With that information, you more likely can sleep peacefully.


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